Getting Water for Guro

One of the projects the Budges and Palmers worked on while they were in Kenya was building a water cistern for the Guro Primary School. “One of the greatest needs we saw in Kenya was access to water,” Jason Budge … Continue reading

Kenya: Day 8

Today was our last full day in Mynenzeni. The week has gone by so fast, but each day has been filled to the brim with experiences we will never forget. What a special opportunity we have had to represent Thriving … Continue reading

Kenya: Day 7

They say, “Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Well today we did. We walked and walked….and walked with Frida, a 30 year old woman with 5 children from the village of Vikolani. We walked … Continue reading

Kenya: Day 6

Something that has really stood out to me this week has been the education system of Kenya. We often talk about the “crowded” classrooms we see in US schools, but this statement has taken on a new meaning for me. … Continue reading

Kenya: Day 5

The children we are meeting are so sweet.  I just can’t get enough of their bright eyes and big smiles. Often times as we are visiting the villages we will have a little flock of children right at our heels. … Continue reading