Product Spotlight: OSHA 326-Piece First Aid Kit

OSHA Product Spotlight: OSHA 326 Piece First Aid Kit

In honor of National Preparedness Month, this month’s product spotlight is an item that should be part of any emergency preparedness plan: a first aid kit. Our OSHA 326-Piece First Aid Kit is certified by federal institutions like OSHA and ANSI, so you know you’ll be ready for anything. The kit has a hard protective case and is divided into compartments to keep your supplies organized for easy access. It can be mounted to a wall or cabinet, and it’s also the perfect size to keep in your car or at the office.  Included inside are all the necessary tools for any first aid situation, including bandages, gauze, wipe,s pads, tape, gloves, splints, and masks. It also contains some helpful supplies for camping or outdoor situations, such as sting relief pads, burn cream, a cold compress, and hydrocortisone cream. The kit also includes a first aid guide to walk you through common first aid practices.

You can see a full list of kit contents on the kit’s product page, and check out the video below to see our emergency expert Bart Mills go through the kit and explain the contents. Click here to see all the emergency kits we offer and choose the one that’s right for you!

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