How the PATH Helped Me

Andrea A., a consultant from Spokane, WA, shared her experience with the PATH with us for our consultant newsletter. We could only include a shortened version in the newsletter, so we wanted to share her whole response with you here! Take a look at how the PATH helped Andrea in her business!

“I’ve just finished the PATH (still working on Ignite 90) and I am thrilled that I was able to be a part of this launch. I’m a fairly new consultant who signed up in January, did a few training sessions with my mentor, then decided to give this business my full commitment by making the 12 hour drive to convention with a baby in tow! I was ecstatic at the release of PATH and was eager to start the moment I got home.

While I had done a few parties before convention, and had a few planned for after convention, I was still running into personal stumbling blocks. I was always very nervous during my presentations, avoided presenting the consultant opportunity, and felt like each of my hosts were doing a favor for me. I had absolutely NO host coaching, and while my parties were okay most of the time, I was still having more busts then I’d like. I was getting discouraged in my efforts because I was so focused on advancing in rank and making commission checks. I think my focus on numbers and statistics subconsciously carried over into my events.

To make matters worse, when I did make sales at parties, I would freeze up when it came time to input the order online. I was terrified of making mistakes so I would hesitate and put off ordering. If there was someone who was interested in the product but didn’t immediately order at a party, then they were often lost in the cracks because I mentally refused to do follow up. All of my parties were still open because I was also afraid of doing party restock orders and host benefits! Of course, being the proud lady that I am, I rarely asked for help. Basically, even with the amazing training and support offered by my upline,I felt like I was drowning and I knew it was my fault. Then came the PATH.

The pride that kept me from asking for help and left me focusing on rank/commission also pushed me to complete the challenges and goals in the PATH. You put a reward at the end of that challenge and I will attack it full force! So it was with the PATH.

The first section, “Your Why,” stunned me. I really started to explore why I started this business. It wasn’t the money that I was so strongly focused on, but personal development. I was feeling unfulfilled, with my full potential hanging in front of me practically taunting the person I felt stuck as. As I wrote out my WHY, I had tears in my eyes of both sorrow and joy. I was coming to terms with the fact that I was less than happy, but I KNEW in my soul that Thrive Life would help me change that. I also knew that I would be able to help others who were quietly stuck in the same situation I was.

Then I hit “Next.” I was  prompted to share this with my Mentor and my Path Pal, my husband. Honestly, I almost clicked back and changed my WHY to be less personal and open, but I didn’t. I knew that I had to let go of the pride that kept me from seeking the help and support of others. I clicked “Share” instead. I went upstairs and talked to my husband for a few hours. Rather than ignoring or shunning me, my mentor and my husband became my biggest cheerleaders!

I continued down the PATH, taking each step slowly. I watched the “ordering host benefits” and “party supply” videos three or four times each before I tackled it for the first time, with my mentor’s number on speed dial. I contacted a few friends who I knew would benefit from and succeed in this business. I was turned down by one, but I was able to lift up another who recently found her family in need of some extra income and food storage. I worked on following up after parties; some people ignored my emails and calls, but the result was more bookings and Qs. I might even have a $1000 dollar Q in the works for next month! Slowly, I am getting better at presenting, and I’ve started talking to EVERYONE about the opportunities in hosting and consulting!

When I switched my WHY from earning cash to helping myself and others succeed in life, things became much simpler. I still have quite a few struggles, but I am taking each one as a new challenge towards becoming the person I want to be. I have even started looking into how I can give back to my community through donations of food and funds. I am so grateful for the inspiration the PATH has given me, and I look forward to helping others on it.”

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One thought on “How the PATH Helped Me

  1. Andrea,I enjoyed your story so much. Am feeling some anxiety about my potential. Won’t say how old I am ,but past 60 and want to make a difference for myself and others Didn’t Nephi say “The Lord is able to do all things,according to his will,for the children of men,if it so be that they exercise faith in him.” So with the Lord’s assurance and my faith in him I CAN do this. Thanks again for such a REAL story of human success. I hope we climb that ladder of achievement together and are able to meet at conference one day. Your Friend in Thrive, Paula Butler

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