Choosing the Right Foods for Your Emergency Kits

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Emergencies are stressful for everyone—that’s no secret. However, there are several ways you can prepare to make them more comfortable for you and your family. One of the best options for keeping things calmer is to choose the right “emergency” foods. Here are some suggestions:

Store high calorie comfort foods in your emergency kits. Foods high in sugar and calories may not be the healthiest option for your family, but they have unique calming qualities. Chocolate is an especially good option. Fruit bars, granola bars, energy bars, cereal, and other foods high in calories are also good options.

Water is a vital component for any emergency preparedness plan. You can go several days without food (although this would NOT be comfortable), but water is absolutely essential. There are several other liquids, however, that you may consider storing in your emergency supply. In today’s world, almost anything can be found in an individual pouch. Drinks are no different! Several companies have begun to make single serving drink pouches that you pour into water and shake. These types of drinks are a great emergency kit option because they are ultra light, high in calories, and easy to make.

Dry foods such as beef jerky are also great options for your emergency kits. These foods are high in protein and can help substitute for foods that may not be readily available to you. Other foods you may consider storing include instant soups, MRE’s, instant milk powder, and freeze dried foods. These options all provide great nutritional value as well as satisfying taste.

If you have babies or toddlers in your family, plan accordingly. Many children are picky—and they won’t change for an emergency. Foods such as fruit snacks, granola bars, instant oatmeal, dry cereal, and pop tarts are excellent storage options. For babies, make sure you have a sufficient amount of formula stored away.

Although emergencies can be trying and unsettling, you can plan ahead to make them more comfortable. Consider each of your family members when you plan for an emergency and make sure you’ve packed comfort foods to satisfy everyone’s personal needs.