Why Store Food?

by Shelfreliance Staff Sep 18 2009

Does it seem like everyone is making a big deal about storing food? For many, the issue may seem hardly worth addressing. After all, we live in a country known for being the “land of plenty.” It is sometimes hard to imagine that one day we could find ourselves in a situation that would require us to rely upon the food we have stored in order to provide for our families.


Determining every possible reason to have food storage is an impossible task; however, one need only take a look around our volatile planet to sample some of the many disasters of our time. In the spirit of optimism, more likely reasons to store food may be the least obvious. We never know when unplanned interruptions of life may befall us such as the unexpected loss of income due to a layoff or injury.


FRS Assembly Instructions

by Shelfreliance Staff Nov 13 2009

Please click on the following link to find assembly instructions for our FRS units.


FRS Assembly Instructions

Under the Bed Harvest FRS Assembly Instructions

Ready Rack Instructions


Water Storage Solutions

by Shelfreliance Staff Nov 13 2009

Water is something many of us take for granted….but we shouldn’t. It is perhaps the most essential element on Earth, and without it we would all cease to exist. And not only do we need water, we need clean water. Because of this, storing and purifying water are essential parts of emergency preparedness. Here are some basic tips on storing and purifying water:




Plastic containers and barrels are best for water storage