Career Plan

As a consultant you’ll earn commission in 3 ways:


Q Orders

  • 20–32% commission on the first shipment of every Q you set up, depending on your total Q sales for the month

  • 5% commission on every subsequent customer Q shipment

  • 5% commission on the first $50 of your Level 1 consultants' Q orders each month after the first

  • 5% commission on anything you spend on your personal Q above $50 in product each month after the first

Non-Q Orders

  • 10% commission on all non-Q orders

  • 10% commission on your own non-Q orders

Team Building

  • 20–32% commission on starter kits for consultants enrolling on your team, depending on your total starter kit sales for the month

  • 1–2% commission on all sales (regular and Q orders) made by up to 3 levels of your team if monthly responsibilities are met

  • Bonus gifts when you reach each new rank

Commission on Q setups (first Q order) and starter kits for new team members are both paid out as a percentage depending on the volume (total sales) of Q orders or kits each month. Commission on starter kits is paid out weekly at 20% as an ASAP bonus. At the end of the month when total starter kit volume is final, the remaining percentage (if any) will be added to your monthly commission amount.

Additional Consultant Benefits

  • Extra Free & Half-Off Product

    You’ll get the same free and half-off benefits as hosts when you host your own parties! Plus, you can qualify for extra half-off product to use as party supplies when you reach certain sales levels ($50 in half-off product for $500 in sales, or $100 in half-off product for $1000 in sales).

  • Rank Advancement Gifts

    The first time you qualify for commission at each rank above consultant, you'll get an exclusive gift for breaking rank!

    Mentor: THRIVE Blanket
    Director: THRIVE Jacket
    Executive: Harvest 72" FRS
    Silver Executive: Bosch Mixer
    Gold Executive: iPad with THRIVE Case
    Platinum Executive: Laptop

    Plus, when you reach the rank of Silver Executive, you'll qualify to receive services from an Elite representative at the corporate office!
  • Thrive Life will help you build your business with corporate leads!

    Qualify each month by:

    1. Hitting a new rank
    2. Signing up at least 4 Qs and 2 new consultants in a single month. Learn more.

    Qualify each month to earn corporate leads, and be rewarded for working your business!

  • Incentives & Contests

    Our Fast Track program will help you earn extra rewards for building your business from the start. We often have promotions for consultants and hosts, and there’s a consultant contest each year that gives you chances to win trips to exotic destinations like Mexico, Costa Rica, or the Caribbean!

  • Free Q Club for Life

    All consultants get free lifetime Q Club membership ($79.99 value), which means reward points toward free product for every dollar you spend on the Q, monthly Q-pon discounts and recipes, and first access to new products.

  • Extra Commission on Level 1 Consultant Qs

    You get the commission for the Q setup on your level 1 consultants' Qs, plus 5% commission on the first $50 of their Q order each month. On top of that, the entire amount of their Q goes into your team volume, so you can earn another 1-2% on it depending on your rank!