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When is the commission structure changing?
The commission changes are going into place on Feb. 1, meaning commission for the month of February will be paid according to the new commission structure on March 15. See the complete commission plan here.


How is commission changing for new consultants I enroll?
Commission for enrollments was previously paid as a flat $50 ASAP Bonus per consultant enrolled. Now commission will be paid as a percentage depending on the total volume of starter kits sold for the month. You can earn 20–32% commission on your starter kit sales, on the same scale as commission on Q setups (see chart). That means you earn more commission when you sell bigger kits and enroll more consultants!


Will I receive starter kit commission as an ASAP bonus?
You will receive 20% commission on each kit you sell as an ASAP bonus (you will be paid the amount on the Monday after the kit processes). Any additional percentage will be calculated at the end of the month when your starter kit volume is finalized, and will be added to your commission check.


Can starter kits be tied to parties for host benefits?
Yes, starter kits can now count toward host benefits! Starter kits will show up as orders in My Office. You can go to View Orders and click to tie the starter kit to a party to receive host benefits on the order. That means starter kits can also be double dipped when your guests and hosts enroll as consultants at your parties!


Do starter kits count toward my personal sales and team volume?
Yes, any starter kits purchased by your new enrollees will count toward your personal sales volume. In addition, starter kits purchased by those enrolling on each of your 3 levels will count toward your total team volume! Previously starter kit volume did not count toward personal or team volume, so this is a great new benefit that will help you achieve your sales goals by enrolling new consultants!


How will starter kit commission appear on my Downline Sales Report?
There will be a new line on the Downline Sales Report Summary showing total starter kit volume (the subtotal for each kit counts toward the volume). This amount will add to your personal sales total. In the Earnings from Personal Sales area, there will also be a line for starter kits that will show the amount being paid out at 20% as an ASAP bonus, the remaining amount that will be added to your commission check, and the commission percentage being paid on the remaining amount.

On the lefthand side of the Downline Sales Report under the Commission section, there will also be a new ASAP report summary that will show your weekly ASAP payouts.


Are enrollees required to have their Q process the same month they purchase their starter kit?
No. For an enrollee’s first month as a consultant, the starter kit purchase will count as the $50 Q required in order to receive commission.


How is commission changing for personal consultant Qs?
Previously, all commission on personal consultant Qs was paid to the consultant’s upline. Now commission on the Q setup (20–32% on the first Q order) will be paid to the upline, as well as 5% commission on the first $50 of every subsequent order (the Q amount required in order to receive commission). However, you will now receive 5% commission on anything you spend on your own Q above $50 each month after setup. That means you earn 5% commission on anything you purchase on your own Q each month over the required $50!

How do the changes to personal consultant Qs affect my Q, team, and personal sales volume?
The entire amount of your level 1 downline consultant’s Qs will go into your qualifying personal sales volume. The full amount will also go toward your total team volume. This means that you will be getting paid the full Q amount on your 1-2% commission payout on all 3 levels of your team sales. You will also receive the full 20-32% commission on their Q setup. The only thing that has changed is that you will receive the 5% commission only on the first $50 of your level 1 consultants' continuing Q orders, and they will get the commission on any remaining amount.


How do the changes to personal consultant Qs affect my Downline Sales Report?
The Downline Sales Report will now show both your total qualifying personal sales (amount used to qualify for 3-level commission at the applicable rank) and your personal commissionable volume, which is the amount you are paid on the Qs and orders you personally make.


What are the new enrollment requirements for each rank, and what bonuses will I receive when I break each rank?
Consultants are now required to meet total enrollment numbers to receive commission for each rank above Consultant (see enrollment requirements here). The enrollment requirements are for total enrollments to date, not per month. You will now also receive a rank advancement bonus the first time you qualify for commission at each rank! You’ll receive great prizes like a Harvest, Bosch mixer, iPad, and even a laptop for different ranks! Rank advancement gifts will not be given retroactively for those who have broken rank previous to Feb. 1.


If I skip ranks (e.g., go from Consultant one month to Director the next), will I still get the bonus gift for each rank?
Yes, if you hit multiple ranks in one month, you will receive a gift for each rank.


What if I am currently being paid at a certain rank but have not met the new enrollment requirements for that rank? Will I be paid commission at a lower rank?
If you are currently being paid commission at a certain rank, you will be able to continue receiving commission at that rank for up to 6 months even if you have not met the new enrollment requirements (all other commission qualifications must still be met for that rank). After that point, you will no longer qualify to receive commission at that rank unless you have met the total enrollment requirements.


Where will the new enrollment requirements appear on My Office?
The Rank Advancement Summary on the My Office dashboard will now have a new row for current, required, and needed enrollments for the rank you select.