It's not just our biggest sale of the year…it's our biggest sale EVER!

With new product launches, more items at a high discount, and an over the top promotion, you have the potential to earn your biggest commission check ever!

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How do you prepare for March Madness?

We’ve gathered tips from members of our Advisory Board on the best ways to make March Madness a huge success for YOU! Click below to get tips on what to do before, during, and after the March Madness sale!

Before the Sale

Set a Goal

Set a goal to hit a personal best with individual or team sales in April! What is the dollar amount you need to reach? How many orders, calls, etc. will you need to make that happen? Commit now to do everything you can to make your goal happen!

Set Up Your Website

Your customers will get Party/Q price when they purchase through your website, so make sure your website is set up and active. Watch the tutorial on how to set up your website. Don’t forget to use our brand-new consultant website templates and party pages (learn about them on our party site FAQ)!

Prep Your Social Media

Social media is a great way to get word out about the sale and drive traffic to your website, and our Social Media Dashboard will post to your social media platforms so you don’t have to worry about it. See our Social Media Dashboard FAQ to learn about the dashboard and how to set yours up. Even if you're not on the dashboard, everyone who has a consultant website will get one FREE social media post on April 9 that links directly to your website!

Build Your Customer Base

Build your customer list, mailing list, and prospects now so you have more people to contact during the sale. Try the 4x100 challenge: hold 4 parties and add 100 people to your email list before the sale! Go through your list of inactive customers too—the sale is a great way to get them purchasing again. You can also schedule parties during the sale to help your hosts get tons of benefits on sale orders.

Grow Your Team

A big sale is a great time to grow your team—just let customers who may be interested in becoming a consultant know that when they enroll, they can get commission on their own purchases! Between being their own customer and spreading the word about the sale to friends and family, they can make back the cost of their starter kit during the sale!

Make an Email Plan

Prepare your Big Deal emails; you may want to send an email to customers on the 6th them know the sale is coming and give them the flyer so they can start deciding on their purchases. Make sure to send an email on the 9th letting them know the sale has started, and you may want to send a few reminders during the sale before letting them know it’s their last chance to order on the 20th.

We’ll have Big Deal emails designed and ready for you to send using the Email Promotion tool in My Office. We will also be sending corporate emails to all subscribed Home Party customers that include links to their consultant's website; see our Email FAQ to learn more about our corporate newsletters.

Get Familiar with My Office

Make sure you understand how to set up your Big Deal event, input orders and tie them to that event, input host benefit orders, and any other processes you’ll need to use during Black Friday. You can find My Office tutorials in the Resource Center under My Knowledge Base>Tutorials.

During the Sale

Put Your Email Plan in Motion

Send out emails through our Email Promotion tool, put together your own emails, or make sure your customers have subscribed to the corporate mailing list so we can email them for you.

Use the Flyer!

Send it in emails, print and mail it, hand deliver it!

Get Orders Early

Encourage your customers to order as soon as they can during the sale. The longer they wait, the less chance there is that they will make a purchase. Plus, the sale is while supplies last, so they may miss out on the items they want!

Pick up the Phone

Call your core group of best customers (those who purchase regularly, have active Qs, etc.) and let them know which of their favorite products are on sale. Personal contact always returns better results than email!

Use Social Media

Everyone who has a consultant website will get one FREE social media post during the sale that advertises the Big Deal sale and links directly to your consultant website, even if you’re not on the social media dashboard! On April 9, you’ll get an email with the post. Just click to post it straight to your social media platforms. You can also share the posts on the corporate facebook page—just make sure to add a link to your site.

If you’re on the Social Media dashboard, you’ll have access to a variety of additional posts about the sale. They will be in a special category in the Manual Posts section of the dashboard. Make sure to schedule them manually so they go out at the times you want them to. Watch our social media tutorial to see how!

Use Your Hosts

Hosts who have parties scheduled during the sale can use it to get even more benefits! Have them collect orders from their customers for the sale, and tie them to the party they’re holding. You can also encourage referrals from customers by offering them host benefits if they refer someone to your website who makes a purchase during the sale.

Block out Some Time

Plan to spend time on your business during the sale. Do what you can ahead of time, but make sure you’re checking your email and are available by phone during the sale so you can help customers who need it.

After the Sale

Follow Up with Customers

Following up with customers who bought during the sale is extremely important. They’re excited about the great deals they’ve gotten and can fuel your parties, Qs, and enrollments for the next several months. When you follow up with them on their order, make sure to talk to them about these 3 things:

1 • Booking a Party
They can double dip their Big Deal purchase to get great host benefits!

2 • Getting on the Q
They’re excited about their sale purchase, so encourage them to get on the Q so they can get more great products each month, all at our lowest available prices.

3 • Becoming a Consultant
If they love THRIVE products, they’d make a great consultant! Let them know about the opportunity and how they can get free and half-off product, plus commission, as a consultant.

Keep Team Momentum Going

Your team will be excited and motivated by their success from the sale—help them use this motivation to keep up the good work. It’s easier to keep the momentum they’ve already built up for the sale than have to start all over once those leads have died down.


Give Recognition
Recognize your team members for the successes they’ve made during the sale, whether it’s a new rank they’ve hit or a personal best in one area of their sales. You can get a few tips on recognition from the PATH here.

Identify and Train Superstars
This is a good time to evaluate your team—it will be easy to see those who have worked the hardest and achieved the most success. Those who have broken rank, grown their team, and hit high personal sales in relation to the rest of the team are your superstars, and they deserve extra attention and training from you. The PATH gives tips on identifying and training superstars here.