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While it was just my husband and I in our family, we decided to have dinner together as a family every night (or as often as we could with work, school and activities.) Then when my youngest child (I have three handsome and energetic boys) was born he had some problems with food, I realized that the only thing in my long term storage he could eat was oats. It also made me evaluate the content of long term storage, and I realized there are no fruits and vegetables in most calculations. So I became very interested in THRIVE and it's freeze dried fruits and vegetables. I also love how the whole family can use them as snacks. True fruit snacks instead of sugar laden, colored treats. I also love the way I can avoid going to the grocery store as often by adding these foods into my daily meals. Another thing I love is the reduction of food waste. I am an advocate for avoiding food waste and love how with these foods the nutrition is locked in and they don't wilt and mold in the fridge if I don't get to making that specific meal as soon as I thought I would. I love that I can spend time with my family, but still be able to leave my house once a week where I can socialize and get to know amazing people. If you are interested in building up your long term supply with foods that you'd feel good about giving your family, building a home store for your family and reduce the amount of money thrown away from rotting food, contact me about having a party, becoming a consultant or placing an order.


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