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To enroll, contact this consultant or call Thrive Life directly to purchase a starter kit. You will also need to set up a personal Q of at least $50 to receive monthly commissions. Thrive Life offers several starter kit options, each of which includes product samples, catalogs, marketing materials, professional business supplies, and everything else you’ll need for your first party.

  • The Consultant Starter Kit includes Party Pack 1, which comes with 6 pantry cans of easy mixes for chicken salad, cornbread, and corn chowder for delicious party samples, plus 3 other cans of THRIVE and 4 THRIVE Express pouches.
  • The Consultant Value Starter Kit includes Party Pack 1, plus 2 more Party Packs that include smoothie and salsa mixes for party samples, a wide variety of other THRIVE items, and THRIVE Express pouches for a total of 34 THRIVE items.
  • The Consultant Deluxe Starter Kit allows you to experience products from each Thrive Life area—THRIVE, FRS, and emergency—with a Harvest 72” FRS unit and a 2-person survival pack, plus everything in the Value kit.

See the Starter Kit Contents PDF for a complete list of contents and prices for all starter kits. Start your own business today for as little as $199!

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