The Q Club is an exclusive rewards program that offers its members fantastic discounts and other perks. The Q Club membership ensures that you'll always receive special pricing on all our products. Don't let this great opportunity pass you by!


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Q Customer
Q Club Member

How it works:

  • Signing up is easy! All you need to do is register for the Q Club membership when you set up your Q.
  • You will receive monthly emails with Q-Pons and recipes, and your most updated reward points will always appear on your Q dashboard.
  • For each dollar you spend in product on your Q, you will earn 1 point that can be used to purchase products and merchandise.
  • The best part is that your Q Club rewards points never expire. You can use your points immediately or you can store them up to make larger purchases. As long as your membership remains active, the Q Club points are yours.

Promotion: There are 2 ways you can get on the Q Club for free for as long as you're on the Q!
1. If you get on the Q Club with your shipments at $100 or more in product, we'll waive the $79.99 fee! Plus, no annual fee!
2. Sign up as a consultant; you'll get your Q Club membership for free!

Prizes you can earn:

500 Points

• $15 in product

1,000 Points

• Cansolidator Pantry or

• H2O Reserve 5 Gallon 5-Pack or

• $30 in product

2,000 Points

• Firebox Stove or

• OSHA First Aid Kit or

• $60 in product

3,000 Points

• Bucket Shelf or

• Fuel Reserve 90-Pack or

• $90 in product

4,000 Points

• Fruit Variety Pack (Pantry Cans) or

• Mixed Veggie 6-Pack or

• $120 in product

5,000 Points

• Reserve 51" or

• Aqua Pail 1000 or

• Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit or

• $150 in product