How do I set up or manage my Q?
Go to our homepage ( and click on the Q tab at the top of the page. If you already have a Q, you will be taken to your Q dashboard, where you can manage your Q. If you do not yet have a Q, you will be taken to the Q landing page. Inside the Q, there are detailed tutorials on each of the three panels to show you how to add items, manage your Q, and review your shipments.

How do I add products to my Q?
Go to the “Add Items” panel located on the left side of your Q. You can add individual foods to your Q, or you can click Recipes on the green menu bar to add products by selecting recipes and letting the Q add each of the THRIVE products used in the recipe. You can also select Meal Plans from the green menu bar to add meal plans to your Q, which are collections of recipes. Simply click the green Add button underneath a product, recipe, or meal plan to add it to your Q.

Can I add packages to a Q shipment?
Yes, the Home Store Q allows you to add these items to your shipments. To add an item, go to the item’s product page on the website. Next to the Add to Cart button is an Add to Q button. Click this button and then select the quantity and which shipment you would like to add the item to. Please be aware that these extra items will be added on top of your monthly budget amount, not included within it. You can also add items from the Shipments panel of your Q by entering the catalog ID of the item and clicking Add underneath the desired shipment.

Why don't my monthly shipments match my exact budget amount?
Your Q calculates shipments based on your monthly budget amount. Your Q will ensure that your subtotal for each shipment (the product total before tax and shipping) is never more than your monthly budget amount (unless you selected the option to meet minimum amounts for rank qualification purposes). The Q will keep your shipments as close to your monthly budget as possible, but because of the difference in price between our foods, your subtotal will usually not hit your exact budget amount. Shipping and tax on your shipments are not included in your monthly budget amount. There is an option on the Q when you set up your budget to allow the system to fill your shipments to slightly above your budget. This feature allows consultants to keep their Q shipments at levels required for qualifications, but is not necessary

What is the difference between my Q (on the My Q panel) and my shipments (on the Shipments panel)?
Your Q consists of all the foods you eat often and would like to receive in your shipments. The items in your Q do not have quantities and may not be added multiple times or in multiple sizes. You simply choose the size you would like to receive and how frequently you would like the product added to your shipments. The Q then creates shipments for you based on your budget, the foods in your Q, and the frequencies set on those foods.

You can edit specific shipments at any time by going to the Shipments panel on the right side of the Q and adding, changing, or deleting items. You can also change the ship date for any shipment. Removing an item from a shipment removes it only from that specific shipment; the item may still be added to future shipments because it is still in your Q.  If you remove an item from your Q, you will not receive that item in any future shipments.

How do I edit my Q Settings, such as budget, shipping, delivery, billing, or Q Club information?
You can change your Q settings by selecting Settings from the gray menu bar at the top of your Q and editing the information you would like to change.

I've noticed a difference in the price of my shipment. Why have I seen a fluctuation?
The price of your Q plan may fluctuate depending on our current website pricing. If an item in your plan goes on or off sale, or up or down in retail price, your Q will automatically reflect that change. This will cause the total amount of your monthly shipments to fluctuate. You will always get the lowest sale price on your Q items.

When will my shipments arrive at my home?
Packages will be shipped out the day you select to be billed every month, provided that all products are in stock. In the continental United States, shipments will usually arrive at your home within 5–7 business days from the shipping date. If a product in your shipment is on backorder, your order may be held up to 10 business days in order to be fulfilled.

Is there a time commitment for my Q?
Home Party customers and consultants are required to keep the Q active at the initial monthly budget amount for at least your first three shipments. Click here to read about the benefits of becoming a Home Party customer.

What is the minimum monthly budget for my Q?
There is no minimum budget requirement. However, the Q will not allow you to go below the highest priced item in your Q plus tax and shipping.

Is the Q program available to customers outside the continental US?
Our Q program is available in all our current markets: Continental US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Japan. However, not all products are available in all areas. Make sure the correct region is selected at the top right corner of the homepage to set up a Q in that region.

What forms of payment can I use for the Q?
We accept all credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express).

What if my credit card expires or is declined?
If your credit card is declined for any reason, you will be sent an e-mail informing you of this issue. Your Q shipments will be paused until the issue is resolved. Any issue can be resolved by calling our front office at 801-756-9902 or by emailing


Q Club

What is the Q Club?
The Q Club is an exclusive rewards program that helps you get even more benefits on the Q! Membership is only $79.99, and you’ll get benefits like first access to new products, Q-pons for discounted product each month, exclusive recipes, and reward points toward free product for every dollar you spend on the Q!

How do I enroll in the Q Club?
You can enroll in the Q Club by clicking Settings in the gray menu bar at the top of your Q. Under the Q Club section, select Add Q Club Membership.

How are Q Club points accrued?
Q Club members earn 3 points for every dollar spent on the Q, and every 100 points equals $1.00.

How do I redeem my Q Club points?
You can redeem your Q Club points at checkout as a payment option. You can either maximize your points to their full value/purchase amount, or you can choose the amount you wish to spend.

How can I get my Q Club membership free for life?
See our Q Club page for the current promotion that will allow you to be a Q Club member free for life.

Is there an annual renewal fee to stay in Q Club?
No. Once you have paid the enrollment fee (or enrolled for free through a promotion), you will continue to receive all the great Q Club benefits for as long as you're on the Q!

If I am a consultant, do I get free Q Club membership?
Yes, consultants receive free Q Club membership.

If I am no longer on the Q, can I still use my Q Club points?
Yes, any Q Club points you have earned will still be accessible to you even if you are no longer on the Q. However, your Q Club points will expire when your account has had no activity for 6 consecutive months.