1. What are “Favorites” (heart icon)?
a. You can gather all your favorite Thrive items into one place by clicking the heart icon. This will add the item to your Favorites section for easy access. Also, we use your Favorites to fill empty shipments up to your budget. Don’t forget, you can always customize your shipments on your own. 

2. How are my shipments filled if I haven’t selected any favorites?
a. If you haven’t selected any favorites, then your shipments will be filled with some of our most popular items. 

3. When are my shipments filled?
a. As soon as your current month’s shipment processes, the Q will fill your next shipment up to your budget. However, if you’ve already added some items to your next shipment, the Q won’t touch it, even if it is below budget. 

4. Can I skip a shipment?
a. Yes, simply go to your settings to pause a shipment. Your Q will resume automatically the next month. 

5. When will my shipments arrive at my home?
a. Shipments usually arrive at your home within 4–7 business days of the shipment date. If a product in your shipment is on backorder, your shipment may be held up to 10 business days in order to be fulfilled. 

6. Does the price displayed include shipping and taxes?
a. No, the price displayed is the total price of all the items in your Q shipment. To view your total price, including shipping and taxes, click “calculate shipping & tax totals”. Note that having this feature open may cause things to go a little slower while you are in the Q due to the recalculation involved each time something is added or removed from a shipment. 

7. What is the purpose of the budget?
a. Setting a budget helps you keep your monthly Q shipments at a specific price point. Your budget cannot be changed until after your third shipment, at which point you can raise or lower your budget as much as you like. 

8. Does the budget include shipping and taxes?
a. No, the budget does not include shipping and taxes, it represents the amount of product you’d like in your shipment. 

9. What is the Q Club?
a. The Q Club is an exclusive rewards program that helps you get the most bang for your buck! You can purchase a membership for $79.99, or start your Q through a Thrive Life consultants with at least a $100 order to get a free membership! Click here to learn about the benefits of the Q Club. 

10. How do I enroll in the Q Club if I don’t want to start my Q with a consultant at $100?
a. After your first shipment, you can click “Join Q Club” from the shipment panel to purchase the membership for $79.99. This purchase will not count towards your Q order, but will process separately and give you immediate access to the Q Club benefits. 

11. How do I redeem my Q Club points?
a. Q Club points can be redeemed on purchases outside of the Q. You have the option to redeem points during the last step of checkout. 

12. Is there an annual renewal fee for my Q Club membership?
a. Nope! Once you get your membership you will have it for life! 

13. If I am a Thrive Life Consultant, do I get a free Q Club membership?
a. Yes, all Consultants receive a free Q Club membership. 

14. Do my Q Club points expire?
a. As long as you have at least one Q shipment process every 6 months your Q Club points will not expire.