Scratch & Dent Variety Can System

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Scratch & Dent Variety Can System Scratch & Dent Variety Can System
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While Supplies Last - This Variety Can System is offered at a discounted price because its metal components may be scratched, dented, or different colors (the plastic can tracks that come with the unit will be new). The light wear on the metal components may affect the visual appearance of the unit but will not compromise its structural integrity. All systems are sold as is and there are no returns offered on these systems.

The Variety Can System will help you declutter, reorganize and quickly find the food you need by compacting over 300 family size (#10), pantry can (medium sized cans) and other smaller sized food cans in one convenient place.

Sized for in-home locations like large pantries and laundry rooms
First-in-first-out system. No surprise expiration's dates!
Fully adjustable system for customization
28 family cans per row, 7 per rotating section
55 pantry cans per row, 11 per rotating section
77-105 soup cans per row, 11-15 per section

Variety Can System Dimensions: 75” H X 36” W 24” D, 2 Large Rows, 1 Medium, and 2 Small Rows, and up to 300 cans


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