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Hello All,

I have been a Volunteer Fire Fighter, An EMT, and for the last 21 years I have been a Safety Professional for large companies and institutions accross the country.  I have chosen to be a rep for Shelf Reliance not because I think it will make me rich, but because I like the products.  Also, with two growing kids in an area waiting for a major quake, I want to be prepared.

Are you Ready? 

Take a look and try some of the products you see here.  Some you will want for daily life, and some you may want to set aside for a rainy day.

Let me know what YOU think.



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Prep & Pantry App

December 7, 2012

OK FOLKS! Welcome to our little corner of the world.  We hope that in some small way we can help others become better prepared for whatever hard times may befall us. This FIRST POST is not a self serving one, but instead is a tip to help you better organize your Personal Pantry, your Stash, your Home Store or whatever you call the food and gear you have set aside for a bad... Read More…