Dawn Mays

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I found Shelf Reliance by accident...I was researching Costco, and happened across a 6 month kit in the $1000 range. As a wife and mom concerned about the future, I immediately checked it out, as I had already been looking into long term food storage. I believe that food storage is the best way to protect yourself against whatever challenges the future may bring.

The pricing of the items are amazing compared to other companies. Shelf Reliance definitely beats everyone on the market in terms of cost per serving, and I use that information in my sales pitch.

One thing that really got me...the packaging is fantastic. It's very pretty, and makes you think of spring. The eye appeal is wonderful, but very professional feeling at the same time. When I was researching reviews of the company, I had found on a blog someplace that someone else had posted how wonderful the packaging is.

When I found I had the opportunity to sell this fantastic product line, I was hooked! And I am excited every day! It is a win-win situation, as I get to build food storage, as well as help people with their own storage. I know that food storage is a challenge and can be overwhelming for some.

I have never done direct sales before, although I was a fine jewelry department manager in the late '80s. and worked on commission. I have purchased many items through direct sales, either because I really wanted an item, or because I wanted  to help a friend. (As a matter of fact, I own the most ridiculously priced spoon rest on the planet, because everyone else at that particular party was ordering, so I felt obligated to order as well.)

What's important to know about Shelf Reliance, is that it is food, and good food. This isn't something that you will buy and will end up collecting dust in the closet. And it isn't something you can give a friend or family member that will end up in the closet collecting dust. Everyone needs food; it isn't a luxury item. With Shelf Reliance, you can give yourself or someone you love peace of mind, as well as an investment in the future.



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