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Last September, I felt like I was losing a battle with my food storage.  It was like matter unorganized! I had food under the stairs, in the basement, under beds, hidden away in dark, dusty closets and there were some serious doubts in my mind about how I would really use all this basic 'stuff' I had so smugly accumulated and reassured myself we would eat. 

Well guess what?  If there is some serious reason that I need to depend on a food storage, the last thing I will want to do during that crisis is start figuring out where everything is and if it's still edible!! So with all these thoughts and more spinning around, the planets aligned and I was made aware of Shelf Reliance and specifically THRIVE premium freeze dried and dehydrated products. After being gifted with a can of powdered butter and powdered eggs from my sister-in-law (2 favorite foods that I thought were impossible to store) I resolved I would finally whip my food storage into order.

So in December, I asked the Shelf Reliance website to put me in touch with a consultant.  The stars were still in my favor when they gave me the name of a terrific consultant named Becky Powell who has been present every step of the way on my journey with Shelf Reliance, despite being 3 states away! Her training has gotten me on the fast track in doing my business and getting my own Home Store set up.

Think about this, the average American dinner includes 3 universal ingredients:

1.  A car
2. A wallet
3. A drive thru

It's quick.  It's convenient. It's tasty.  It's easy. We are all used to that convenience and variety and let's face it, even the Iron Chef would have trouble coming  up with something new and palatable using the basics of wheat, rice, beans, salt, sugar, powdered milk and oil day after day, week after week! How was I going to provide delicious, nutricious, easy, quick, tasty convenient meals for my family? Well, now I have the answer to this problem: THRIVE is the fast food of the food storage industry!

At this writing it is 2 months since I became a consultant and I must say I have never seen anything like this! There is such product approval that really the food speaks for itself.  I have almost 100% sales with everyone who has come to one of my product demonstrations and that just amazes me.  The idea of storing what you eat, and eating what you store just makes good practical sense.  Thinking of food storage or having a home store as simply food insurance resonates positively with everyone. And the best part, my family loves this food!

We don't know what the future may hold, globally or personally and so I always end my parties with this thought:


THRIVE is perfect for your shelf, your health, your wealth and your peace of mind.

If you would like me to share these products or this opportunity with you look over my website.  You can order from here or please contact me!  New partners become new friends and there is always room for more.

To your health,

Dorie Smith
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Smart Start Q is the BOMB!

July 27, 2012

It used to be that you made your list of THRIVE products for  a year's supply; you sent that list over the the THRIVE Q and then set your budget at around $50 per month and got just a few cans at a time. Usually the large storage sized cans which you would only open in an emergency.

Not the most optimum way to try out the versatility of your Thrive foods.  They are so convenient!

So now with the 3 month SMART START package program, you get 17 cans and packages per month of all kinds of varieties and some recipes to go with them.  All organized so that each new package adds to the previous one.  More recipes. More yummies to try!

You still make your big list, just as before.  It still comes to your door on the date you choose and the budget you are comfortable with.

But for the first 3 months you have a fixed budget of $150 to get you started.  Month 4 and your Q shipments begin.  I'm ordering for myself, it's that good of a deal!!

Cool as! So many things to try and a recipe book comes with it as well.  This makes such good sense for starting on your 'food insurance' journey. The Q was a brilliant idea to begin with. Kinda like netflix but instead of movies you make your list of foods and once a month like clockwork there it is on your doorstep. The only difficulty with the former system is that when you are only getting a couple cans per month, you don't accummulate much until many months go by. Then you may not want to open a gallon size #10 can of butter or eggs just to try them. With Smart Start you get 17+ smaller cans per month to test out. Yeah for the genius who thunk that one up! So here's what's in this order - Month 1 Smart Start Pack

17 Thrive pantry cans
White flour (3)
White sugar
Instant Milk (3)
Baking Power
FD Pineapple Chunks
Fudge Brownie Mix
Shortening Powder
FD Colby Cheese
Chopped onions
FD Strawberries
FD Banana Slices
Simply Peach Drink mix
Entree - Creamy Beef and Noodles
Entree- Hearty Chili with Beans
Entree- Pasta Carbonara
Entree - Baked Potato Cheese Soup

5 Recipes: Cornbread (made 2x), caramel sauce, cheese bread, strawberry banana smoothie, strawberry puree.

Month 2 Smart Start Pack
Taco TVP
Potato Chunks
Sour Cream Powder
FD Cheddar Cheese
Kidney Beans
Pinto Beans
Tomato Powder
Macaroon Cookie Mix
Mixed Bell Peppers
FD Sweet Corn
FD Tomato Dices
Chicken Bouillon
Instant White Rice
White Sugar
Apple Slices
Melon Berry Burst Drink mix
Entree - Southwestern Style Chicken and Rice
Entree - Wild Rice Pilaf
Entree- Garden Fresh Vegetable Pasta
Entree - Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup
5 Recipes - Tacos, Easy Spanish rice, sour cream and cheese potatoes, sweet corn and bean salsa, taco soup (made 2x)

Month 3 Smart Start Pack
Elbow MAcaroni (2)
Cheese Blend
Butter Powder
White Flour (3)
Baking Soda
FD Apricots
Brown Sugar (2)
Whole Egg Powder
FD Blackberries
Quick Oats
FD Mangoes
Fudge Brownies Mix
Mango Passion Drink mix
Entree - Loaded Scalloped Potatoes
Entree- Creamy Garden Vegetable Chowder
Entree- Chili Lime Chicken Rice
Entree - Broccoli Cheese Soup
14 Recipes - Almond apricot thumbprint cookies, lemon blackberry crisps, chocolate chip cookies, taco salad, Zesty southwestern mac and cheese, apricot cobbler, oatmeal cake, apple spiced breakfast oatmeal, The Chef's rice and beans, macaroni and cheese, cheese blend sauce, strawberry/pineapple/banana compote, mango tango smoothie, cornmeal cookies.

The SMART START price is lower than buying each of these items individually!

And just to tell you how Smart it is, at every tasting party I've done since the first of May, every single person who has joined the Q has begun with Smart Start! These customers were very SMART indeed! You can be too!

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