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I'm Patricia.

My life is fast & demanding... like yours!

Since February 2013, I have been enjoying significant benefits from my business as a THRIVE LIFE consultant & am very happy to assist you by supplying information & inviting you to experience this premium quality food!



  1. Health - wholesome (no additives, preservatives, waxes, or MSG; gluten-free, non-GMO, artificial coloring & flavoring free products); food handling safety 
  2. Quality - premium food suppliers, nutrition preserving processing, delicious taste
  3. Convenience - "munch" access to nutrition; shopping, storage, prep & clean-up ease
  4. Savings - time & money 

"Shelf" Reliance is my favorite & effective solution to these challenges:

  • eating healthfully while busy
  • feeding roadwarriors (myself included)
  • weight control with nutrition-dense munching (green veggies)
  • $$$ saving travel meals, 'carry on' munchies, handy 'travel delay' food
  • food safety, preservation & accessibility
  • preparing delicious home cooked meals & treats with speedy ease
  • enjoying children's requests for fruits & veggies rather than unhealthy sweets & snacks
  • adding fast, flavorful, wholesome treats to lunch boxes 
  • $$$ wise wholesome baby food
  • camping 'dream cuisine' 
  • saving food $$$’s because of NO food loss (spoilage or waste)
  • shopping conveniently for premium quality 'groceries delivered to my door'
  • maintaining 'on hand' food supplies & recipe ingredients
  • emergency preparedness
  • residual income from my online 'food store'
  • accessible opportunity for 'out of range' budgets

Best Bonus...  I'm always prepared for unexpected circumstances or guests.


I care passionately about:

  • truth
  • health
  • integrity
  • quality
  • security
  • saving time
  • saving money
  • preserving resources

For me, The THRIVE LIFE opportunity is clearly defined by these questions:

  • Who needs to eat?
  • Who determines or controls their own food supply?
  • How stable are my  available food sources?
  • Of what value would any of my assets be, or What else would matter...                                                                ...if I had insufficient food for my loved ones ???

My invitation is:

                                                           I look forward to assisting you!





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