Ray Gano

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My wife Tracye and I have been involved in the prepping arena for some time now. I am an online journalist and blogger who works out of the home. My primary topics that I follow are global and domestic economics and how they relate to the the common man on the street. I follow a lot of what is taking place in the Middle East knowing that it is oil that makes the world go round.
Another topic that I follow and write about is global food production and harvests. Just let me say this, globally, we are looking at some serious food shortages, which will result in drastically rising food prices to you and me.
I have been an  owner of the Shelf Reliance products before I came on board as a Shelf Reliance Rep. This company not only has the best food products that really taste good, they also help you expand on that and provide ways for the common family to rotate and store your pantry foods. I have been the owner of the 72" harvester shelf for over three years and is one of the most important items I have that helps me keep our food pantry in order.
Recently I reported on the massive freezes that the Mexican farmers have experienced; 80-90% of all their harvests were destroyed. This is going to greatly impact the American food market. Couple that with low wheat, corn and soy bean harvests as well as this winters effect on the entire citrus industry and one can see that food is going to be the major topic in the months and days to come.
This is why I got involved with Shelf Reliance. Shelf Reliance allows just about anyone to set up a food purchasing program starting as low as $50.00 a month and have the food delivered right to your front doorstep. The food is excellent in taste and does not have a "cardboard" taste that many other companies out there have. They are not overly laden with salt, sugar or filler products like many of the other companies products.

Shelf Reliance is good food that you can serve to your family with confidence.
Shelf Reliance has provided our family with an added assurance that we are prepared and taken care of for whatever is heading our way.  It is given me an outlet to enjoy myself and promote a high quality product that I love and fully believe in.  Call me for an in-home demonstration and taste testing of our THRIVE food! please take the time and set up your "Q" order today, it is very simple to do. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, I am here to help you and your family with your food storage needs.

Finally, I am seeking out other motivated people who see this as great opportunity and come join my team. I need folks who I can train to be trainers thmselves and then be able to truly help the American family today. This is what the excitement is all about!

Ray & Tracye Gano
Independent Shelf Reliance Rep.


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