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Hi, my name is Leah and I love THRIVE food!

Our food storage journey started many years ago after a snow and ice storm knocked out electricity for several days. My family was cold and miserable! We lived a bit out of town and since the snow plow did not come for several days we were stuck. At least we had a little camping stove to cook some hot soup each day. When the street became passable again my husband went to the store in town only to find the shelves completely empty. He could not have bought much anyway since we only had a few dollars cash on hand and without electricity the bank was still closed! This experience got us thinking...

What would we do if the electricity was out for weeks, or even months?  We needed emergency supplies, a way to heat our home, and food storage for at least 6 month, even better for an entire year. Oh boy, we needed so many things!

I ran into problems while looking for powdered eggs and freeze dried meats. The clerks at the local store just looked at me funny when I asked if they carried these items. My search finally expanded to the Internet. We tried many competitor's prepared meals but did not like them at all. I love to cook and bake and my family is used to my home cooked meals. When we finally found Shelf Reliance...  it was love at first bite! The food is simply delicious and nutritious, and satisfying too. I can continue to cook the same meals my family is used to.

Imagine your family in an emergency situation. Everyone, especially your little ones will be under so much stress. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could make tacos or bake pizza and even brownies for dessert, instead of some mush that comes pre-packaged in a bag? We use THRIVE foods as part of our everyday meal plan. Our tummies are the last thing I will worry about should an emergency arise. My family loves THRIVE food and yours will too! As a matter of fact my family loves these products so much that I decided to become a consultant.

Please contact me if I can assist you in any way. I have customers all over the United States. Many have signed up for the "Q" which delivers part of your food selections to your home every month. It takes only a few minutes to set up your list and then... it's food storage on auto-pilot. What could be easier? Don't know what you need? I encourage you to try the free Family Planner and find out exactly what a one year supply actually looks like 100% complete! This includes not only grains and beans but fruits, veggies, meats, dairy and additional cooking basics! You'll feel confident knowing your food storage is complete now and not have that worry of wondering whether or not you have enough.

Today we live in Texas and snowstorms are a thing of the past, but we still prepare for power outages, the loss of a job, or medical emergency that may force us to rely on our food storage for several weeks or months.

Becoming a consultant has enabled us to build our food storage much quicker while proving additional income and financial security. I am a mentor for new consultants all over the US and would be happy to consider you to become part of my team. Please click on the "Join" tab above for more information.

I am so glad you came to our site. Don't put off the welfare of your family another day! You will sleep better at night knowing that you are prepared for whatever the future will bring.


P.S.: My family loves the freeze dried chicken, ground beef, freeze dried mushrooms, corn, and celery. Be sure to try the freeze dried Pineapple and Raspberries too! ... They are out of this world!


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