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Janet Hughes

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Twice in my life I’ve had the opportunity to live off what my family has stored. Once as a teen. Once as the mother of five.

Gratefully, as a young wife and mother, building our home store had begun early enough that even with our little budget we had sufficient for our few short months of need. Then it was time to rebuild.

Knowing now how/what we ate made a great change in the way I began to look for goods to store. Why store what we wouldn’t/didn’t know how to eat? Then my sister-in-law, Fran began to rave about the THRIVE foods. One taste and I knew it was what we needed to be storing, but how on our little budget? Fran and Shelf Reliance had the answer. I could host a party or better yet, become a consultant. Though not a short road, Fran walked me through how she was able to work with Shelf Reliance without taking great sums of time from her family…this might be something I could actually do…


I love it! I love the food! I love the Q! I love seeing others build their home stores! I love watching my home store grow! Most of all I love the way using the THRIVE products in my everyday life pays off in purchasing less at the grocery store, which pays for my Q!!
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