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I am a firm believer that every home should be self reliant and have the necessities in it to sustain a family in a time of need.  It has been a family goal for the past few years to have a year supply of food and emergency preparedness items.  I had heard of Shelf Reliance and was so happy to have the chance to learn more about it.  A friend of mine invited me to a home show that she hosted.  I went to the home show and tasted the food.  Wow!!  I was amazed of how delicious it tasted.  The butter on corn bread and chicken salad is what sold me.  It was real and it was good.  I couldn't believe I was tasting food that was made from "food storage".  Most food storage food I've tasted in the past was pretty, well, let's just say, not tasty.  Thrive food is different.  Thrive food is something I'm keeping in my pantry and using daily.  The days of throwing away mushrooms and peppers because they've gone bad in the fridge are over.  I can go to my pantry and get what I need and it's always fresh and perfect.  I love "Q", the monthly auto ship, that is completely flexible to fit the needs of our family.  My husband, James, and I are excited about the opportunity we have to share our enthusiasm with our friends about food storage.  We know you'll love the food as much as we do.  Shelf Reliance guarantees it!

- Monica Barth


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