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Hello my name is Marcy and welcome to Thrive Life! I currently live in the Phoenix Az. area originaly from the upper midwest, my husband I own a Cafe in Wickenburg Az.named Spurs Cafe! As you can see I handle a lot of food on a daily basis! I also love the homesteader lifestyle! I love animals and currently own a full size horse, a miniture horse, 2 goats and 3 dogs also in the process of getting chickens! I've always wanted a large garden but, living in the desert makes gardening doable but a much greater challenge! I started learning about the many ways of food preservation that would last for many years which in turn lead me to Thrive Life foods and I instantly knew this was it! I'm so excited because I do not have time to do the canning and vacumn packing etc...But also needed to preserve nutrients, Thrive Life freeze dried products are perfect! I now have a future supply of foods as well as all of the everyday items we use everyday and absolutly no waste we love that! Please come along with me and   Thank you so much for visiting I'm here to help in anyway!  

Sincerely, Marcy your Thrive Life Consultant


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