Brandy Key

Your Independent Consultant

I love being a consultant for Thrive Life(previously known as Shelf Reliance)! I became a consultant with Thrive Life because I wanted to be more self-reliant and better prepared for any emergencies that might come up.  We live in a rural area and there aren’t any stores close by. There is no such thing as running to the grocery store really quick for a needed ingredient when I’m cooking. With the Thrive foods on hand I don’t have to worry about that anymore. It’s such a lifesaver! I originally signed up as a consultant because I wanted the Harvest Can Rack and an assortment of the pantry sized cans of the food to try that come in the Consultant Starter kits. I had been trying to stock up on some emergency supplies and buying can goods when they were on sale. I found that we rarely ate them before they expired and would have to throw them out. I researched other emergency food companies but didn’t want to stock up on something that tasted like the meals my husband ate in boot camp or that was full of sodium and preservatives. I can honestly say that we LOVE the Thrive food products and eat them all the time! The food is freeze dried and can be eaten straight out of the cans. Some of our  favorites are the pineapple chunks, tomato powder and corn. All of the fruits and vegetables are awesome straight out of the can!

Being an independent consultant with Thrive Life allows me to share the products I love with others. I sleep better now that I have my pantry stocked with Thrive Life emergency supplies and food. I like knowing that my family will be very comfortable and eating good in any emergency situation. My husband likes that the food is healthy and lightweight-great for traveling, camping and hiking trips.

My husband and I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia. We have 3 dogs, a cat and 7 chickens. Some days I feel like we live in a zoo! Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the Thrive Life Company or products.



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