Organizing Glass Canning Jars

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I also use cardboard between the jars and on top of them. I also put a label right below it. If there are rows of the same thing, then I pull from the left and move the others forward. I also keep a legend, so when I send a kid or husband down to get a jar of peaches they know where to look. On this legend is an inventory of all our food storage with dates of expiration. They are required to mark off what they took and how much is left.. I have very good neighbors who once in a while need to borrow something and I tell them to go down in the basement and look at the legend . It is in alphabetical order. They take what they need and they replace it with a similar item or the same item. They in turn usually help with the canning and learn about food storage and why we do it. They actually ask what they should have on hand and I will go and look at their food storage and advise them.