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Submitted by Denis Korn


     Clean water of course is essential for survival.  While it is possible to live for weeks without food, after 3 days survival is at great risk without water.  Make absolutely sure you answer the following questions:


  • How much water do you have available to you in an emergency?
  • Will you have enough to clean foods you have stored?
  • Will you have enough to cook foods that require lengthy boiling (beans, grains, pasta)?
  • What quantities will you need to reconstitute "no cooking required" freeze-dried and dehydrated foods?
  • Will you want to wash pots and utensils?
  • Do you know how to obtain, store and/or purify water?
  • Will you have enough water for sprouting and/or gardening?


Plan at least 1/2 gallon a day per person to survive.  One gallon a day perperson is considered minimum for drinking, basic food preparation, and basic hygiene.  Two gallons for basic bathing, laundry, and cleaning.