Which one is for drinking, instant or powdered milk?

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Powdered milk is what we've all known about when we think of storing milk, but nobody likes it! It is thick, you have to shake it up vigorously and drink it cold. It has a bit of a smell to it as well that people don't like. So what can you do with powdered milk? Well, it's awesome for breads and rolls.
Instant milk is wonderful for drinking. It has a thinner consistency, is easy to mix and doesn't have a smell at all. It is great for preparing ahead of time or on the spot.
When you prepare it, as the can indicates, the milk will be a lot like skim milk. To thicken it up to what you prefer, add less water and it will appear thicker like a 1% or 2%.
Try some of this great product and be sure to store some on hand to save you that last minute midnight run to the store!

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