Appliances & Equipment for Emergency Food Storage Preparation

by Guest Jul 21 2010




by Guest Jul 21 2010

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     Clean water of course is essential for survival.  While it is possible to live for weeks without food, after 3 days survival is at great risk without water.  Make absolutely sure you answer the following questions:



Allergens Report

by Shelfreliance Staff Oct 06 2010

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Mixed FD fruits in pancake batter

by Barbara Lemm Apr 17 2011

I had a segmented container I used for a show to taste samples and it worked great until I took a turn in my car and it fell over and everything was mixed. I will put syran rap on it and then the cover next time!.
I mixed all my FD fruit (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, apple, peach, pear, mango, and pineapple) in a small container, then measured the water and put them in to soak for 5 min., then added my pancake mix and poured onto a preheaed flat cast iron pan and added a little butter to prevent sticking. Cook till bubbles are all around pancake, slightly lift to check how brown you want it and flip and cook till lightly browned.

Add a little butter and pure maple syrup and you will want seconds.
They were the best I ever had. I ate 3 and my husband ate 4. I know you kids will love them.


Which one is for drinking, instant or powdered milk?

by rachel mano Jul 05 2011

Powdered milk is what we've all known about when we think of storing milk, but nobody likes it! It is thick, you have to shake it up vigorously and drink it cold. It has a bit of a smell to it as well that people don't like. So what can you do with powdered milk? Well, it's awesome for breads and rolls.
Instant milk is wonderful for drinking. It has a thinner consistency, is easy to mix and doesn't have a smell at all. It is great for preparing ahead of time or on the spot.
When you prepare it, as the can indicates, the milk will be a lot like skim milk. To thicken it up to what you prefer, add less water and it will appear thicker like a 1% or 2%.
Try some of this great product and be sure to store some on hand to save you that last minute midnight run to the store!

Consultant with Shelf Reliance


4 Reasons to Love Textured Vegetable Protein

by rachel mano Jul 05 2011

Textured Vegetable Protein or TVP is an amazing product.
For lack of a better word to describe it, it's "fake" meat.

That might not sound too appetizing but I assure you there are great reasons to have this great product on hand.

1) TVP is so much better tasting than it used to be. One of the more popular TVP's is Taco TVP. It tastes and smells just like your favorite taco places.

2) TVP is very low in calories! It's about the same calories as a low fat yogurt in just a 1/4 serving!

3) TVP is high in protein, really high! Between all the kinds of TVP Shelf Reliance carries, there is 18-21% of your daily value of protein in just 1/4 cup!

4) TVP is very inexpensive and saves you money when trying to extend your chicken, sausage and beef budget. Combine a little beef TVP to your regular ground beef and save some money this month!

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One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four!

by rachel mano Nov 16 2011

The difference between: freeze dried potato dices, dehydrated potato chunks, potato beads and sweet potatoes.

Freeze dried potato dices are freeze dried as the title indicates. This gives these potatoes an extraordinary shelf life, around 25 years sealed and 2 year opened.

Freeze dried products are the same as fresh with no added preservatives or salts. So a freeze dried potato is simply a fresh diced potato that has undergone the freeze drying process. This process does not use any chemicals. It simply compacts the moisture under vacuum pressure and evaporates it away, leaving less than 10% of the products moisture intact. Less moisture=longer shelf life.

These potatoes are perfect for "mashed potatoes from scratch." So delicious!

Just reconstitute (add water back in) by boiling until soft and then mash. Add anything you normally would to your regular mashed potatoes. They are soft enough to break between your fingers.


Organizing Glass Canning Jars

by Barbara Lemm Jan 30 2012

I also use cardboard between the jars and on top of them. I also put a label right below it. If there are rows of the same thing, then I pull from the left and move the others forward. I also keep a legend, so when I send a kid or husband down to get a jar of peaches they know where to look. On this legend is an inventory of all our food storage with dates of expiration. They are required to mark off what they took and how much is left.. I have very good neighbors who once in a while need to borrow something and I tell them to go down in the basement and look at the legend . It is in alphabetical order. They take what they need and they replace it with a similar item or the same item. They in turn usually help with the canning and learn about food storage and why we do it. They actually ask what they should have on hand and I will go and look at their food storage and advise them.