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Consultant Newsletter
March 2016

I love this time of year! Spring is so symbolic of renewal and growth. I love being outside and watching all of the greenery taking life again. This time of year also tends to be a time where your business can be renewed and grow. All of the hard work and seeds you’ve planted in your business are ready to blossom this spring. I’m sure you can feel the momentum that continues to pick up here at Thrive Life. I hope that you’ll take advantage of the tools we put in place for you to ride this momentum, including March Madness, Spring Events, and our new tool…Getting Started. (Those that attended Leadership are now testing and trying the beta version. This will be made available this spring to everyone.) The best way to ride the momentum is to get out and do consistent parties. A trend I’ve seen since we’ve started this business is that if you really want your business to grow, you should do at least an average of one party a week. Build your business and your team this spring and be recognized for your achievements at convention. Take advantage of early bird pricing and sign up for convention now! Ready, Set, GROW!