THRIVE Minced Garlic
• Premium grade dehydrated garlic
• Natural, with no added ingredients
• Gluten-free and non-GMO
• Grown in the USA

Schedule my Party!

Host a party between now and the end of January to get a very special THRIVE product!
For a limited time only, we’re offering an exclusive THRIVE product that won’t be available after this promotion ends—THRIVE Minced Garlic (dehydrated)! You can get this special item for FREE when you book a party in December or January, close it in January, and have at least $400 in qualifying party sales or 2 Qs processed at your party. See below for simple instructions on how to earn this extra free item on top of your normal host benefits, and contact your consultant to book your party today! Don’t have a consultant?
Find one here.

Get your garlic in 4 simple steps

  • Book a Party
    Your party must be booked in December or January to qualify.
  • Hold the Party
    For every $400 in qualifying party sales OR every 2 Qs you sign up at your party (whichever provides the largest benefit), you’ll get one spice can of Garlic!
  • Fill out Your Host Benefit Order
    Submit your host benefit order online between January 1–31 and you’ll see your qualifying party total and how many garlic cans you’ll receive.
  • Receive Your Gift
    You’ll receive your garlic along with the rest of your host benefit order!


Promotion Rules

• Consultants may also qualify for this promotion with parties they host themselves. However, this promotion applies only to physical parties that are actually held. Online sales made through consultant websites will not count toward the qualifying party sales total. Only party sales processed by consultants through the back office will count toward the qualifying sales total.

• Only orders processed from Dec. 4 to Jan. 31 will count toward the qualifying sales total for this promotion. Orders (including first month Q shipments) must be processed in order to count toward the qualifying party total. The amount of the first Q shipment will be multiplied by 3 when added to the party total, as with normal parties.

• Double dips will not count toward the qualifying sales total for this promotion.