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Life at the end of 2007 was blissful. We had given our three kids a good Christmas. We had just found out we were pregnant with our fourth child. Everything seemed to be going well. Until my husband went back to work. The day he got back to work after Christmas, he was called into his boss's office. They were laying people off. My husband was one of them.


I have always been a very conscious shopper-buying on sale and only getting what we needed. Now things were different. We were living out of our pantry, with no income coming in. We were grateful for our small food storage. But, it quickly diminished. Luckily, my sweet husband found a job shortly after.


Fast forward our lives ten months. Our baby was just over a month old. Things were going great. So we thought. Again, my husband lost his job. Yes, that is two times in under a year. Again, we needed to rely on our food storage. It was still small. In fact, we were still trying to build it up from the first job loss. It was definitely not a one year supply of food. When he did get another job, food storage was one thing we decided to spend our money on.


So, when I found THRIVE Life, I decided it was perfect for me. For three reasons:


  1. I am building my own food storage full of food my family loves and eats on a regular basis. And, I purchase it at a deep discount!
  2. I am helping people, like you, build your food storage.
  3. I am earning money by selling THRIVE Life so that I can pay off debt and take my family on vacations.


Feel free to check out my blog at Eat What You Store. There you will find recipes and other fun ideas. I hope you will visit to find out about my adventures in becoming more self reliant! And, I hope you follow me on Facebook!


I also have another blog for those who are interested in becoming a consultant. If you sign on as a consultant under me, you will get one-on-one personal training, too!

I’m so happy you visited today. I can’t wait to share Shelf Reliance with you. I'm excited to teach you how to build your food storage on a budget, and how to use it!

Diana B.


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