March 21-23 Provo, Utah

Shelf Reliance Academy Awards

Get out those ballgowns and start preparing your speeches . . .

It's the Shelf Reliance Academy Awards! This convention, at our closing session we'll be showcasing exclusive videos from some very special celebrities—you! For a chance to win your very own Shelf Reliance Academy Award in categories like Best Original Idea, Comedy, Drama/Action, and Musical, you'll be able to submit your own short films. We're now taking submissions, so get your creative juices flowing!


Submission Rules:

Videos must be submitted by February 28th via email and physical disc (postmarked no later than February 28). The theme for submissions is "A Thriving Life," so videos must be associated with this theme. Videos may not be over 2 minutes long. Videos longer than this will not be considered. Videos must be appropriate for all audiences (no swearing, etc).

Video Submission Process:
  1. Post your video on YouTube as unlisted.
  2. Send an email to with your name and the link to your video.
  3. Send a physical copy of the video file on a disc (postmarked no later than Feb. 28) to:

    Shelf Reliance Academy Awards
    691 South Auto Mall Drive
    American Fork, UT 84003