March 21-23 Provo, Utah


Equip Yourself with New Tools: The Q and PATH

Learn about the new online business tools launching at convention and how to implement them into your business.



Taking Your Business Higher with the Q

Want to sign more Qs? Want higher Q budgets? Come to this class and watch your residual sales and income explode!



You’ve Hit a Gold Mine: The Shelf Reliance Commission Plan*

Work smarter not just harder! Learn to maximize your income by focusing on what matter most in your business.



Hitting the Trail with Confidence*

Learn the most important things to do when you first sign up as a consultant.



Reach the Summit by Sharing with Others*

Learn the best ways to share the opportunity with others to boost sales and enrollment. Friday's workshop will focus on effectively using email lists, and Saturday's will discuss the best ways to create new leads.



Climb Higher with a Full Party Calendar*

Higher party attendance! Fewer cancelations!  Higher party sales!  If you want these things in your business, don’t miss out on this class.



Your Party: Alpine Perennial or Avalanche?*

Is your party merely good, or is it great? Learn how to give an effective presentation to boost the success of your parties.



Finish Strong!*

Want more Qs, party bookings, and consultant signups?  Double your results by learning to effectively close the sale.



Mobilize Your New Climbers

Your greatest earning potential is in developing a team, so learn how to train new consultants to be successful contributors to your team.



Elevate Your Climbing Team

Learn how to elevate your team by working with your superstars, holding effective team meetings, giving recognition, and applying advanced leadership principles.



Prepped and Adept: Boost Sales with Emergency Products

THRIVE isn’t the only thing we sell—learn about the hundreds of emergency products we offer so you can bump up your sales with emergency gear!



Hit the International Stratosphere

Learn about our recent international expansion and see what it takes to keep a company—and your business—growing and operating in multiple countries.



Real Men THRIVE!

Come learn how couples can work together to build a thriving business! A panel of some of the top male consultants will offer insight and advice on how they have succeeded as Shelf Reliance consultants. This workshop is not only for men, but for couples and women who are looking to get their men involved with the business.


* These workshops will present basic principles that are especially helpful for
beginning consultants, though all are welcome to attend.