Thrive Life Email FAQ


Which groups of people does Thrive Life email newsletters to?
Our corporate office sends email promotions to our retail customers, who are not connected to consultants. We also send email promotions to all consultants. Q Club members receive only the monthly specials emails (the Q-pon) and updates that affect their Q.

We now also send emails to Home Party customers who have subscribed to receive emails. These emails will have links to the website of the consultant each customer is tied to, rather than links to the corporate website. At the top of these emails, the customer will also see their consultant’s website and contact info. These personalized emails will only be sent to customers who have opted in to receive newsletters from corporate.


How can I or my customers tell which emails we are subscribed to, or change our preferences?
Log in and go to the Newsletter Subscription page on your account dashboard to see or change which emails you have opted to receive. You can also look at your Corporate Newlsetter Subscriber report in My Office to see your list of customers and which email lists they are subscribed to.


How will Home Party customers opt in to receive personalized email promotions corporate going forward?
New customers can opt in to receive Thrive Life newsletters on the Newsletter Subscription page, or log in and enter their email address on the bottom of the homepage at


If my customers opt in to recieve newsletters from corporate, what emails will they be sent?
Customers who opt in will receive an email each month notifying them of the monthly specials. They will also receive notifications when we have sales, as well as announcements of important updates, such as new products. All the email promotions we send to Home Party customers will also be loaded into our Email Promotions tool (see FAQs below), so you can go there to see what recent emails have been sent to your customers.


What is the Email Promotions tool?
The Email Promotions tool in the Tools menu of My Office allows you to access the personalized promotion emails that are sent from corporate. This allows you to send personalized emails (with your contact info and links to your consultant website) to people who have not opted in to our corporate newsletter, such as friends and family, or certain customers or prospects.

This tool is designed to help you send professional-looking promotions from your personal email system, and is not intended for emailing large groups. If your customer database is large, you may want to consider having your customers opt in to receive the corporate emails, or use a third-party emailing system that will allow you to email large groups of customers without being blacklisted.


How do I use the Email Promotion Tool?
Use this tool to choose the promotion you would like to send and select which store you would like the links to direct to. You can then either copy the HTML of the email and paste it into a third-party emailing system that allows you to design emails in HTML, or send the email to yourself and forward it on to your customers. The tool also allows you to pull lists of different types of customers, which you can then paste into your personal emailing system.


What if I have customers who have opted in to receive corporate newsletters? If I send an email promotion using the promotion tool, will these customers get two of the same email?
Customers who have opted in to receive corporate emails are removed from the lists provided on the Email Promotions tool, so those customers will not receive duplicate emails.


Do I have permission to email everyone on the lists provided by the Email Promotion tool?
The customers on these lists have not necessarily given you permission to email them, so make sure you only email people who have given you permission.


How do I remove people from the lists provided by the Email Promotions tool if they don’t want me to contact them?
At the bottom of every email provided in the Email Promotions tool, there is an unsubscribe link that will take your customers to the Newsletter Unsubscribe page on their customer account. If they select that they do not want to receive emails from their consultant, they will be removed from the lists provided by the promotions tool.  


Why do I need to paste email lists provided by the promotions tool into the BCC field in my personal email program, rather than the regular “To” field?
If you do not paste your customer list into the BCC field, each customer who receives the email will see all the other email addresses you have sent the promotion to. This is a serious breach of your customers’ privacy. BCC allows you to blind copy your emails so that each customer only sees their own address in the “To” field.


When I send an email to myself using the Email Promotions tool, I can't see the images in the email. What's happening?
Some email systems will not display images from an unknown sender. You may need to click "Always display images from this address" in order for the images to display. Make sure all images are displayed before you forward the email to your customers, or they will not be able to see the images either.


What laws are there regarding emails I send to my customers?
Please refer to the policies of the CAN-SPAM Act to make sure that any emails you send to customers comply with the law.