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I am not a cook. I am not a health nut. I am not a salesperson. Yet, here I am selling a healthy product that makes cooking easy! I was introduced to Thrive Life by going to a party and I was instantly hooked. The food tasted delicious and it was the perfect introduction for me to build my food storage with yummy food that I would actually know how to prepare and enjoy eating! I love snacking on the yogurt bites, mangos, green beans, and corn. I love cooking with fresh basil and cilantro whenever I want and not worrying that I have none in my fridge. And I love knowing my family won't starve in an emergency. I had heard about Thrive food for years, but never knew how amazing it was until I tasted it. And the perfect place to taste it is by throwing a party! So let's do it! Contact me to host a party, eat yummy food, and get free stuff!


Great Products

THRIVE foods are convenient, healthy, and cost effective. They'll change the way you think about mealtime.

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A Tasting Party

Get free products when you gather friends and family to try THRIVE. Also learn how to save time and money!

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My Team

Make friends, grow, and earn income on your own terms as a Thrive Life independent consultant.

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Emily's Latest News

I'm serious when I say no waste

April 9, 2015
Over the weekend I was down to the powder of both my fuji apples and raspberries. I usually use the powder for a healthy smoothie, but we had lots of vanilla ice cream so I decided to make a shake. And boy was it yummy.    I love that I use the entire can of my Thrive foods. Nothing is ever thrown away. No more bad spinach in the trash or rotten berries the the day after I...
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