Thrive Life Fall Events

At this year’s Fall Events, it’s all about the customers! Treat the whole crew to delicious food, kitchen inspiration, and new products designed just for them.

  • Pamper your customers with delicious food

  • Spark their creativity with new recipe ideas

  • Teach them how to use the food in their cupboard

  • Bond with other Thrive Fans

  • Plus, it's free!

Business Training

After we’ve treated your customers, join us for a leadership training to help you re-energize your business!

  • Learn how to inspire your customers to purchase and share with others

  • Learn tips on how to connect and tell your story

  • Network with other Consultants

  • Energize your team

  • Plus, it's free!


There will be a short break between the customer appreciation and leadership events. If a customer would like to learn more about consulting, they are welcome to stay for the leadership training.


Find an Event Near You



Calgary, AB
Radisson Hotel & Conference
Centre Calgary Airport
6620 36th ST NE, Calgary, AB
1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Who will be there?

Jason Norton


Kathy Atwood


Cindy Suelzle


Janae Hale


Heather Jaques


Cathy & Melanie


Megan Toone


Leah Rasmussen


Tracy Taylor


Jennifer Yanos




American Fork, UT
Thrive Life Headquarters
691 S Automall Dr
American Fork, UT 84003
6:30 pm-9:00 pm

Who will be there?

Jason Norton


Lisa & Jeff Warnick


Holly Hardy


Jennifer Jessup


Amber Spackman


Jenny Tanner


Jodi Weiss


Receive FREE Simple Plate Meals in your first delivery

When you sign up as a Consultant and purchase a starter kit at an event.

Social Seller = 1 Classic Butternut Squash Pesto Bucatini Meal

Business Builder = 1 Classic Butternut Squash Pesto Bucatini Meal & 1 Classic Thai-Style Coconut Beef Meal

Business Builder Plus = 1 Classic Butternut Squash Pesto Bucatini Meal, 1 Classic Thai-Style Coconut Beef Meal & 1 Classic Maple Pulled Pork Waffles Meal

Host Your Own Fall Event

Turn your town into a Thrive Life power team! Teach Consultants how to create a stable business when you host a Fall Event.

We’ll Help!

Use these resources to help you structure your meeting:

Power Point

We’ll Promote!

Corporate promotes these events through the corporate website, email, and social media!

It's Fun!

Fall Events last 2-3 hours and provide an opportunity for bonding, networking, and of course…eating!

Plan a Fall Event in Your Neighborhood

Those hosting their own Fall Event can earn Corporate Boosters by completing the following criteria:

Financial Compensation Booster

  • Approval of the Corporate-sponsored Fall Event before it takes place. If approved, you must send us the date, location, and time 6 weeks in advance

  • Must send picture of group along with attendee list and contact information

  • You will be compensated $100 for every 10 people in attendance. No maximum.

Executive Attendance

  • Corporate Executives may attend some of these events to help with training and motivation depending on projected attendance and timing.
  • You must have had 100 people attend a prior Spring or Fall event in your area before we will consider attending the Fall 2018 event.

  • Venue costs are covered by Corporate when an executive is in attendance. Consultant is responsible for Thrive food and literature used at these events.