Thrive Life Fall Events

At this year’s Fall Events, it’s all about the customers! Treat the whole crew to delicious food, kitchen inspiration, and new products designed just for them.

  • Pamper your customers with delicious food

  • Spark their creativity with new recipe ideas

  • Teach them how to use the food in their cupboard

  • Bond with other Thrive Fans

  • Plus, it's free!

Business Training

After we’ve treated your customers, join us for a leadership training to help you re-energize your business!

  • Learn how to inspire your customers to purchase and share with others

  • Learn tips on how to connect and tell your story

  • Network with other Consultants

  • Energize your team

  • Plus, it's free!


There will be a short break between the customer appreciation and leadership events. If a customer would like to learn more about consulting, they are welcome to stay for the leadership training.


Find an Event Near You



Whitehorse, YT
Mt. McIntyre Recreation Centre
Grey Mountain Banquet Room
1 Sumanik Drive, Whitehorse, YT
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Who will be there?

Trisha Zook


Araica McPhee




Hillsboro, TX
Historic Country Club
600 Country Club Dr, Hillsboro, TX
11:00 am-2:00 pm

Who will be there?

LIsa & Jeff Warnick


Kristine Treadway


Melissa Collier




Calgary, AB
Radisson Hotel & Conference
Centre Calgary Airport
6620 36th ST NE, Calgary, AB
1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Who will be there?

Kathy Atwood


Janae Hale


Heather Jaques


Cindy Suelzle


Cathy & Melanie


Megan Toone


Leah Rasmussen


Tracy Taylor


Jennifer Yanos


Receive FREE Simple Plate Meals in your first delivery

When you sign up as a Consultant and purchase a starter kit at an event.

Social Seller = 1 Classic Butternut Squash Pesto Bucatini Meal

Business Builder = 1 Classic Butternut Squash Pesto Bucatini Meal & 1 Classic Thai-Style Coconut Beef Meal

Business Builder Plus = 1 Classic Butternut Squash Pesto Bucatini Meal, 1 Classic Thai-Style Coconut Beef Meal & 1 Classic Maple Pulled Pork Waffles Meal

Host Your Own Fall Event

Turn your town into a Thrive Life power team! Teach Consultants how to create a stable business when you host a Fall Event.

We’ll Help!

Use these resources to help you structure your meeting:

Power Point

We’ll Promote!

Corporate promotes these events through the corporate website, email, and social media!

It's Fun!

Fall Events last 2-3 hours and provide an opportunity for bonding, networking, and of course…eating!

Plan a Fall Event in Your Neighborhood

Those hosting their own Fall Event can earn Corporate Boosters by completing the following criteria:

Financial Compensation Booster

  • Approval of the Corporate-sponsored Fall Event before it takes place. If approved, you must send us the date, location, and time 6 weeks in advance

  • Must send picture of group along with attendee list and contact information

  • You will be compensated $100 for every 10 people in attendance. No maximum.

Executive Attendance

  • Corporate Executives may attend some of these events to help with training and motivation depending on projected attendance and timing.
  • You must have had 100 people attend a prior Spring or Fall event in your area before we will consider attending the Fall 2018 event.

  • Venue costs are covered by Corporate when an executive is in attendance. Consultant is responsible for Thrive food and literature used at these events.