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I love food and I love to cook. I also love my children helping me in the kitchen and watching them learn about food and healthy eating. Thrive foods help me with my time in the kitchen by providing non-GMO, nutritious foods that are so easy to prepare that my kids can do it blindfolded! (Just kidding about the blindfold bit). The foods are delicious, healthy, nutritious, and so convenient to use that I want to shout it from the rooftops!

I am not a salsperson at all but I want my family and friends to try it because I know they'll love it too! Set up a tasting with me and trust me, you'll change the way you look at food. So let's do it! Have a party, taste yummy food, and get free stuff!
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Spring Sale - April 19-23, 2018

April 16, 2018

Who has two thumbs and is excited about the upcoming spring sale? Me! That's who!

I don't know about you but I have some big plans for this sale and would really like to stock up on items that have significant savings/discounts so here are some of the faves that have made my list for this sale:
1. Whole Strawberries - 50% off!!!!
2. Shredded Beef - 40% off! (Already cooked and fat drained off - Refreshes so nicely and easily- yum!)
3. Blackberries - 40% off!
4. Blueberries - 40% off! (we have a HUGE blueberry section in our garden and I love them fresh off the bushes but they don't stay fresh forever and that's why I buy these ones as well!)
5. Pineapple - 30% off! (So good for snacking - so crunchy and flavorsome!)
6. Chopped Spinach - 30% off (This is a staple in our house along with kale)
7. Chopped Chicken - 30% off! (Like the Shredded Beef this chicken just helps so much on those late nights! It refreshes in a flash and is so versatile in salads, pastas, soups, lunches - you name it!)
8. Tomato Dices - 30% off! (Now this is a new favorite of mine and some of you may be wondering about it. It refreshes sonicely and adds a burst of flavor in everything you add it to. I'm enjoying adding it to rice dishes, salads, pastas, veggie stirfries, and omelettes. I am very surprised at how much I'm enjoying using this in the kitchen right now!)
9. Cansolidator Pantry - 56% off! This is the FRS (food rotation system) designed for your cupboards that can hold the smaller tuna sized cans up to Thrive Life pantry cans. I'm thinking it might be good for spice cans too which would be awesome!
10. Any of the new packs that they've created for the sale - the Classic (or Family) Simple Plate Variety 3-Pack is a great value as well as the Gluten-Free Classic (or Family) Simple Plate Variety 2-pack. All of them get free snackies with them as well so it's a great way to try out something new!

Finally - there is 30% of the Snackies Variety Pack! 7 packs of delicious snackies for you to enjoy and try!

I'm so excited and ready to help you discover how much you can save with your favorites with this sale! Email or call me and I'll get you started and we can save some money and eat healthier in the upcoming months!


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