Come to the Caribbean with Us!

Our next Fantasy Getaway incentive trip is a cruise to the southern Caribbean, with stops in Belize and Cozumel, Mexico! This getaway is different than any we’ve done before because there’s no limit to how many people can earn the trip—anyone who earns 2,000 points will win a spot for them and one guest on the cruise.

Earn the Most Points Sept. 1 to Oct. 31 and Win a Spot on the Cruise!

Our Race to the Finish promotion for our Fantasy Getaway cruise to the Caribbean means you could win a spot on the cruise even if you don't have 2,000 points! We're giving a spot on the cruise to 2 consultants who earn the most contest points from September 1st to the end of the contest on October 31st, regardless of their grand total! We'll award one cruise to our top rookie performer (must be a consultant who enrolled on or after 11/1/13) and one to the top overall performer for that period. See details below. Points for the trip can be earned from 12:00am Mountain Time April 1 through 11:59pm Mountain Time Oct. 31, 2014. See the chart below for the activities that you’ll earn points for. We’ve made this incentive simple and focused on the basic business builders of sales, enrollments, and rank, so get back to the basics to earn points now!



Anyone who earns 2,000 points wins!


Complete any combination of activities below!

Activity Points Description
Personal Sales 1 Every $50 of non-Q sales
Enrollments 60 Per enrollment
(35 points on enrollment, 25 points upon 1st Q processed)
Q Setups 25
Per new customer Q of $100+, or new consultant Q
Per new customer Q under $100
Rank Up
Achieve new rank
for the first time
Silver Executive
Gold Executive
Platinum Executive

Incentive Details

  • The required Q amount is the order subtotal (product amount), not the budget amount. Points for Q setups are only awarded for new first-month Q orders, not existing Qs that are transferred to a new consultant, etc. If an existing Q customer enrolls as a consultant, 35 enrollment points would be awarded, but not the 25 points for the new Q setup.

  • Only points earned between 12:00am MDT September 1st through 11:59pm MDT October 31st will be considered for the Race to the Finish promotion. Only consultants who enrolled on or after 11/1/13 will be considered for the top rookie performer category, and all consultants (including consultants in the rookie performer category) may be considered for the overall performer category. If a rookie performer is also the top overall performer, they will receive the trip for the overall performer category and the rookie performer with the next highest amount of points will win the trip for the rookie performer category.Any who reach 2,000 points total will no longer be eligible for this promotion, as their total will already allow them a spot on the cruise. In the event of a tie, the consultant with the most total contest points will receive the cruise.

  • Non-commissionable items such as host benefit orders, starter kits, consultant materials, etc. do not count toward personal sales.

  • The cruise will be Jan 31–Feb. 5, 2015. If you win a place in the trip and are unable to attend, you will not be allowed to transfer your prize or to receive a cash reward. You will, however, receive a free registration for our next convention.

  • Basic meals (no drinks), airfare to cruise departure point in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (with a limit of up $750 per person if flying from Japan), one group expedition, and gratuities for cabin stewards, dining room staff, and baggage handling are all included in the trip.

  • Restrictions apply to participants who are pregnant; those over 24 weeks pregnant are not eligible to participate in the cruise, and those under 24 weeks must contact customer service to submit additional paperwork. Infants under 6 months old are also not permitted to travel.