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Well, Hello There!  I am so glad that you found me!  My main mission for having this website, is to educate as many people that I can that the food that is available on here is not just for doomsayers... It's not just for apocolyptic times... We've tried a whole variety of food items here, and it's just fine for using day-to-day... Of course, we still have a stash to ride out the end of the world! lol    Can we help you build up either your underground bunker, or maybe even just your pantry?    C'mon on in... Let's get educated... :)     

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How much do you really know about Freeze-Dried foods?

April 15, 2016

Did you know that Thrive Life's freeze-dried food comes from farms that they can control, and that all of the products are vine-ripened? They are only picked when they are at their peak, which is when all of the vitamins and nutritional values are maxed out.

 Then, within 2-4 hours, the farms flash-freeze the product, locking in all the good stuff.

Next, the products are either freeze-dried on site, or sent to the freeze-dryers to complete the next step.

Have a look at the following image:

Fresher Than Fresh Flyer

Now... Compare Thrive Life Food products to store-bought, and ask yourself... 


Which one is "Fresher"??


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