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As many of you know storing food for an emergency or disaster  has become more necessary than ever.  We had been looking for emergency foods and supplies we could use for daily use and for long term storage. 
We found Thrive Life (Formerly Shelf Reliance) and quickly realized this was it!  After sampling the amazing food, as well as realizing there was an opportunity to assist others in preparedness, we were in. 
Our goal is to raise awareness and help individuals, churches, and groups of people be prepared when the inevitable happens.
We live just north of Seattle, WA.
We have two teenage children who also love the food.
Please contact us to set up a demonstration and sample some amazing food for your home, church or office.

We specialize in the "Party by Mail" where we can send you some free samples so you can hosta tasting party.

Monty and Stacy Reed

Our plan is: to be prepared and help our neighborhood, church and community to be prepared so we can all work together in an emergency and THRIVE.
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How to Prep and Morel Mushrooms

June 16, 2016

Morel mushrooms are rare because they pop a year after a forest fire give or take a few weeks.  It's basically a year after the fire went out.  Moderate-intensity fires are reported to produce higher abundances of morels than low- or high-intensity fires.  

My brother has been teaching me about edible mushrooms over the last year while we have been on hikes.  It has been a lot of fun.  The cooking and eating has been pretty good too.  

We went on a hunt to get Morels a few weeks ago and came up completely empty handed.  He went back a few weeks later and got his limit every day.  I was nice enough gift me with a bag of these amazing delights to cook and so I am sharing my experience with you.   

All I can say is  MMMM MM  M!.                and

Thank you Mark.   

Enjoy the Video

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1 pound of Morel mushrooms
1/4 cup of butter
1 heaping Tablespoon all purpose flour 
1/8 cup cream (non-dairy option rice milk)

non stick pan
large bowl

Soak morels in cool water for 20 minutes
rinse with cool water
place in pan on medium high heat and stir rapidly to reduce excess water (usually 1-2 minutes)
add butter and stir to melt and coat morels
turn up to high heat and stir rapidly and cook for 2 minutes
add flour and stir in to mix fully
cook and stir for 2 minutes to fully mix flour and allow it to bond with butter 
(you should see the flour turn a tan toasty color and you should be able to smell the toasty flavor) 
add cream and stir for one more minute
serve and eat hot. 

Best if served with Coconut Snackies Chicken Curry and Rice

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