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As many of you know storing food for an emergency or disaster  has become more necessary than ever.  We had been looking for emergency foods and supplies we could use for daily use and for long term storage. 
We found Thrive Life (Formerly Shelf Reliance) and quickly realized this was it!  After sampling the amazing food, as well as realizing there was an opportunity to assist others in preparedness, we were in. 
Our goal is to raise awareness and help individuals, churches, and groups of people be prepared when the inevitable happens.
We live just north of Seattle, WA.
We have two teenage children who also love the food.
Please contact us to set up a demonstration and sample some amazing food for your home, church or office.

We specialize in the "Party by Mail" where we can send you some free samples so you can hosta tasting party.

Monty and Stacy Reed

Our plan is: to be prepared and help our neighborhood, church and community to be prepared so we can all work together in an emergency and THRIVE.
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NEW sprouting kit!

May 5, 2014

Introducing the new sprouting kit

Sprouts are great for you and your family.  It is a quick way to add protein, fiber and live enzymes to you diet.  1-2 weeks to sprout seeds.

The brand new Sprouting Kit from Thrive Life will have you making your own sprouts within days, perfect for adding flavor to your favorite salads, sandwiches, stir-frys and more! ~Project Simple Home

The Thrive Life Sprouting Kit includes three different sprouting methods. There are two Mason jar sprouting lids (one of my personal favorite methods), a sprouting base with two trays, and a hemp sprouting bag. The sprouting kit also includes six custom sprout mixes (4oz each) to add a healthy dose of flavor to your salads, stir-frys, and more! Here's a quick menu of the sprouting mixes:Get a Thrive Life Sprouting Kit complete with three methods of sprouting, six custom sprouting mixes, full instructions and more! Project Simple Home

Bean Delight Mix: adzuki, lentil, mung, garbanzo Lentil Mix: red lentil, green lentil, french lentil Asian Fry Mix: peas, lentil, garbanzo, adzuki, wheat Health & Wellness Mix: broccoli, radish, clover/alfalfa Power Boost Mix: soy, red lentil, mung, radish Kick Mix: alfalfa/clover, mustard, radish

I'm excited to try all the mixes in our sprouting kit, but I most interested in the Kick Mix to add a bit of spice to my salads and sandwiches. The Asian Fry Mix will also be perfect for Pad Thai! 

You can also order a refill package of all the sprouting kit mixes, and this time you will get 8oz of each!

Both the sprouting kit and the refill package retail for $89.99, however if your order online, at a party, or directly though me, you can get them for a significant discount. The Q Club price is $67.99.

I am hoping that we will soon be able to order individual mixes or even individual seeds/beans soon. In the mean time, did you know that any of our grains are sprout ready? Yep! Pull out that wheat and amarath and get sprouting! 

To learn more about our new sprouting kit, check out this flyer. You'll also notice on the flyer that we have launched a new melon seed package that also includes pumpkins and strawberries. This is along side our current vegetable seed package. No, you can't sprout them, but they will be tasty fully grown.

Why Would You Want to Sprout?

Sprouting may be familiar to some of you, while to other's it is a completely foreign concept. The Thrive Life Sprouting Kit is a great place to start. Why would you want to sprout? Well there are many reason's, but here are a few that stand out to me...

First, sprouts are delicious! There is a good chance you have eaten sprouts before. Many people first have them on a salad or in a sandwich, but they are also fairly popular with certain Asian cuisines. They offer a fresh burst of flavor to many dishes, and are easy to add to your current favorites. Add them to your morning smoothie, top your lunch time soup, or use instead of lettuce in your next taco or burrito!

Try Thrive Life's Brand New Sprouting Kit! Grow sprouts in your own home to add a tasty burst of flavor, texture, and nutrition to your family's meals!Sprouts are also very healthy! When a seed or bean starts to grow (and that's really all that sprouting is...a seed starting to grow) many basic changes start happening to them. Sugars are converted to vitamin C or other nutrients, enzymes become active, and more. Remember, you are basically eating a tiny plant! Plus, sprouts contain a surprising amount of fiber, calcium, potassium and protein for such a small package. 

Finally, sprouts are often hard to find in stores. Even when you do find them, they tend to go bad quickly...that is if they aren't afflicted with health concerns as you go through the check out line. Many people remember the E. coli break out a while back that was attributed to commercial sprouts. While it wasn't the first time this is been an issue, it has been practically impossible to find sprouts in your basic grocery store ever since. Some restaurants stopped offering them as part of their menu as well. While I understand their concern, it was a sad day. Luckily, this is actually a fairly rare issue, and home sprouted sprouts often don't face the same perils as commercial sprouts. As long as you properly handle and wash your sprouts, you should be fine. That being said, if you want to be on the safe side it is recommended that those who have compromised immune systems (including infants, the elderly, and those pregnant or breastfeeding) only consume fully cooked sprouts.

BONUS! Anyone who is preparedness minded should have sprouting skills and supplies in their arsenal. I even mentioned it as one of my 31 days of prepping! While we all have extra shelf stable food on hand, having a bite of something fresh after a week or so is always a big mood booster. We can't always predict when a crisis will happen, and there is a decent chance that it wont coincide with the harvest of your backyard garden. Sprouts are an easy and quick way to grow a little bit of produce any time of the year. Plus, this is one skill you wont mind practicing again and again! So pick up our Thrive Life Sprouting Kit in your next order or Q shipment, and start having fun!

I Want To Hear From YOU! Have you ever tried sprouting before? Which one of our custom sprouting kit mixes are you most excited to try? What is your favorite method of sprouting? Mason jar, sprouting tray, or sprouting bag? Do you have a preferred method that isn't included in the sprouting kit?
Thanks Andrea for the tips.


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