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As many of you know storing food for an emergency or disaster  has become more necessary than ever.  We had been looking for emergency foods and supplies we could use for daily use and for long term storage. 
We found Thrive Life (Formerly Shelf Reliance) and quickly realized this was it!  After sampling the amazing food, as well as realizing there was an opportunity to assist others in preparedness, we were in. 
Our goal is to raise awareness and help individuals, churches, and groups of people be prepared when the inevitable happens.
We live just north of Seattle, WA.
We have two teenage children who also love the food.
Please contact us to set up a demonstration and sample some amazing food for your home, church or office.

We specialize in the "Party by Mail" where we can send you some free samples so you can hosta tasting party.

Monty and Stacy Reed

Our plan is: to be prepared and help our neighborhood, church and community to be prepared so we can all work together in an emergency and THRIVE.
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Send a Party By Mail

April 18, 2016

Send a Party By Mail by Monty K Reed

This is the second most popular video out of the over 100 videos I posted online in 2015.  It is still the second most popular video I have. 

This video was recorded at the Thrive Life Kitchen in American Fork.  It was created to teach you how to send at Thrive Party by mail.  With this I have been able to sponsor people thousands of miles away without having to actually travel there.  Because the Thrive foods are so amazing the only thing you really need to do in order to "sell" someone is to get the food into their mouths.  The party by mail allows you to do that in just a couple of days. 

The best way to use this is to be sure you have the samples and the liturature you want to send ready, then make a list, make the calls and then send the samples.  Follow up on the samples to be sure your prospects got the samples and help them place an order, set up a Q and register as a consultant.  Everyone wants to be a consultant, they just don't know it yet.  

When you send the samples you should also consider sending this video link that was created with your prospective consultant in mind. This video "Open Your Party By Mail" talks them through the samples and the opportunity.  Some of the numbers are off because the kit prices have come down since it was created, but the rest of the information is perfect and it tells them to get back to the person who sent them the samples, that's you.

Follow this simple formula to sponsor at a distance.  You will add customers and downline with an investment of under $10 by using FREE and half off products, a catalog, order form and application.  Send a sample of corn, pineapple, yogurt bites and the "no cook chicken salad".  Call your prospective customer, downline or new friend to help them eat the samples and answer questions.  Then sign them up for a kit and a Q (monthly shipment) over the phone.  
We have multi level groceries, can you believe it?  I can't believe it, it is just amazing.  We used to joke about "wouldn't it be great to have multi level groceries" and now we do.  In our other MLM we had over 1000 people in our downline in multiple countries.  I traveled to the UK to be part of the launch in Europe on my own dime.  ThriveLife is a better deal because of the potential market being limited to.... just ..... people ... who..... eat ..... food.  

You can have Monty K Reed (that's me) come to your city if you will get a group of 25 families together.  Be sure to check with your active and growing upline for support and a recommendation as to whether or not you should use this training material. 
Monty K Reed
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Check with your consultant to find out  when the next monthly cooking class, emergency preparedness meeting or training meeting is.  We will be holding them in every major city in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and Japan soon.  If there is not one in your city yet, contact us and let us know you want to set it up. 

If you do not have a consultant you  can goto and  click the Join button 
to find out more.  Or you can send us your contact info and we will get back to you.

What Box to use? 

I use the Priority Mail Flat Rate box 1096L that costs $6.80 postage.  It used to be for video tapes and hardly anyone uses them for that.  The box is free. I pick them up from the post office and also I set up a free small business account and they deliver them to me in bundles.

I did start out using padded envelops and the prospective consultant wanted to know if I had sent him a diet shake powder because the samples were smashed to dust. I have also shipped using used boxes, I have purchased boxes as well.  After counting the cost of the box, tape and packaging I found the flat rate box is the best fit for my.  It will be anywhere in the USA in about 3 days. 

My favorite method for shipping inside the USA is the Flat Rate Priority mail using their box and online postage that I print from the computer. I have my empty boxes delivered to me for free too.  If you are shipping a lot you can schedule a pick up too.  This is the best, you don't even have to leave the house.  

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