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As many of you know storing food for an emergency or disaster  has become more necessary than ever.  We had been looking for emergency foods and supplies we could use for daily use and for long term storage. 
We found Thrive Life (Formerly Shelf Reliance) and quickly realized this was it!  After sampling the amazing food, as well as realizing there was an opportunity to assist others in preparedness, we were in. 
Our goal is to raise awareness and help individuals, churches, and groups of people be prepared when the inevitable happens.
We live just north of Seattle, WA.
We have two teenage children who also love the food.
Please contact us to set up a demonstration and sample some amazing food for your home, church or office.

We specialize in the "Party by Mail" where we can send you some free samples so you can hosta tasting party.

Monty and Stacy Reed

Our plan is: to be prepared and help our neighborhood, church and community to be prepared so we can all work together in an emergency and THRIVE.
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STP One On Ones

June 14, 2016

STP Survey The Person Spot Their Passion Share The Product and Show The Plan.  This is a system for sponsoring or getting referrals for the business. by Monty K Reed

Survey The Person 
Spot Their Passion 
Share The Product and 
Show The Plan

Enjoy the Video  

I learned this technique from my four mentors who were all earning over $100,000 a month. That's right over $1.2 million a year in MLM.  They taught me this program for doing one on one appointments and they called it: STP for Show The Plan and we always checked in at accountability meetings to report how many STP's we had done in the last seven days. 

As we did these appointments and I listened in as we did three way phone calls to prospective customers I realized that the "show the plan" was the least important part of these appointments.  

The most important part of these interactions was what I call :  "Spot Their Passion"  This is where you ask a few key questions to find out what is truly important to that person.

I also learned that before I had permission to ask those questions I needed to show that I care about the person and the best way to do that was to ask........

"can I ask you a few questions?" Then I would Survey The Person.  This is actually the first STP in the meeting. 

Survey The Person
Ask them about themselves.  Most men have no clue how to do this and the ladies are sometimes too good at it so this mnemonic device will help the women keep it short and the guys to do it.  
FORM = Family + Occupation + Recreation + Meaning or Message.

Family:  "So are you from around here or somewhere else?"  LISTEN to the answers and look for more questions to ask to find out more about the family.  "Is your family still here?" if they are from here or "Is your family still back there?" if he grew up somewhere else.  Ask what the father did for work, what the siblings did, is the person the middle child? How many siblings?  All of these questions help if you care and you listen.

Occupation: "Where do you work?"  Listen and then ask what they actually do there at the job.  "How long have you worked there?"
"Where did you work before that?"  "What would be your perfect job if you could pick it?"     "What do you like best about your job?"    "What do you like least about it?"

Recreation:  "What do you do for fun?"  Listen, ask more questions and try to find something that person does that you like and can relate to.  I am always looking for people I can play with.  Most of my friends are working 9-5 (or 6am-7pm jobs) so they can not "Come out and play"  I am looking for people that are Nice, fun and I think I would enjoy having on the fantasy getaway trip with em.  We are playing to win so anyone that comes on my team will have a chance to play on the beaches of the world and do all of the other fun stuff that we like.  

Meaning or Message:  I was always taught this is where you make your pitch, the "Message" and I have found that it is tooooo soon so I changed it to Meaning because I wanted to know what is truly important to people that I am getting to know.  
I ask "If you won the lottery how would your life be different?"  I try to wait through the silence to get them to speak and if they do not in two minutes then I prompt them.  "Would you live in a different place?"   Listen and then prompt "Would you drive a different car?"  Listen and prompt "Where would you travel to?"    Listen and prompt   "What charities would you support?"  Listen and ask more about the things they are passionate about.

Spot Their Passion 
If you did the first step correctly the last part of the FORM would have lead you to spot their passion.  Find out what is truly important to them.  How would thier life be different if they won the lottery.

Share The Product.   Give them a product experience.  With Thrive you just let them taste the product and read the labels.  You may want to show them some jar meals, share the catalog so they can see we have hundreds of food items.  If you have time you may want to do some slam cooking to give them the deluxe experience.  Be sure you ask them about the taste.  Remind them that Thrive products have the flavor and nutrition of fresh picked.  There are no additives or preservatives.  These are all NON GMO.            

Remember the most popular product is the Q.  Having groceries delivered to your door every month saves time and money.  The second most popular product is the FREE food.  Most people only start with just half of their grocery budget on the Q and then later bump it up to 80% after getting used to cooking with Thrive.

Get out the application/ order form and find out when they get paid and write in the date one day after that.   Application you can get here

Show them the in the catalog. 

Show The Plan is how we make money in this business.  The way we build this business is simple; we make a list of people who eat food, then we move to the top of that list people who are foodies, who want to eat healthier, people who may want free food and free money.  

We call those top 21 people on the list and then we meet with them, let them try the food.  We help them order the groceries to their door and make a list of people they know and repeat the process.  Who do you know who wants healthy food, free food and free money?   
Show them the "3 Ways to Thrive" flyer you can get here

Show them that they can set up a Q.  
Host a Party or event and set up a Q
Become a consultant, Host and set up a Q.
Flip it over and show them the Three kits.  Be sure to show them what the FRS (Food Rotation System) shelf is by turning to the back of the catalog so they know this is the difference in the largest kit.  I tell them that I got the largest kit, the middle kit is the most popular and the smaller one gets you in on a budget and is still a great deal.  

Schedule a party or two with them and start making a list of people they know.  
Ask names of siblings, parents, neighbors, people from work, from school, hobby partners, sports clubs, the gym etc.....

Schedule a business launch meeting where you will meet with them to start making phone calls.  If they are long distance you can to three way calls to help them get launched.  

Be sure to check with your active and growing upline before you implement any of this or any other training program into your business.  
Warm regards, Monty K Reed 

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