Recipe Site Founders Club

The Recipe Site Founders Club is the first group to start submitting recipes, ratings, and reviews on the new Thrive Life Recipe Site. These individuals completed the recipe site challenge (creating a profile, submitting a recipe, rating and reviewing a recipe, and submitting a THRIVE story) within the first months after the launch of the site and were integral in getting user feedback and interaction on the site. Thank you to our Recipe Site Founders Club for helping to make the recipe site the best possible resource for discovering, sharing, and cooking with THRIVE!



Kay Curtiss
Allison Green
Ann Strobel
Krista/Kyle Brown
Francesca Hutchinson
Heather Lorimer
Amber Spackman
David & Heather Parker
Diana Boley
Carolina Food Storage
Desirae Underwood
Mary Girven
Andrea Anderson
Kyndell Shoun
Kim Kirby
Holly Cooley
Kelly McKee
Krista Hampton
Gina Balasubramanian
Missy Gooch
Susan Van Cleave
Jenny Swingle
Vanessa Henry
Cindy Suelzle
Jessica Humrich
Sarah Perkins
Rebekah Snedegar
Hila Wood
Tammy Butler
Kecia Re
Joy Cochran
Jenny Tanner
Andrea Johnson
Andrea Oakley
Heidi Lear
Trista Hibberd
Katie Woodward
Karen Albert
Jessica Anderson
Nancy Barter
Marcy Buchanan
Mary Ann Bulloch
Jennifer Camargo
Chelse Chutich
Laura Dillender
Kelli Edson
Andrew Flieder
Lou Ann Frei
Leslie Green
Leanne Grove
Rachel Hanchett
Monica Hilderbrand
Sarah Horwich
Michelle Huston
Roger & Carie Jackson
Karin Jacobson
Shirlee Janson
Debi Johnson
Peggy Klanecky
Julie Kosker
Michelle Langford
Lora Little
Amber Mann
Rachel Mano
Kalee McGill
M. Francine Pearson
Janiene & Kevin Rise
Kristi Roldan
Tawnya Rux
Laurie Schnabel
Deb Skabelund
Vicki Sperry
Robert & Susan Swan
Tammy Vose
Amy Wardle
Colleen Warthan
Sabrina Winder
Cindy Witte
Shannon Liska