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So, I picked up the phone and my awesome brother was on the line..He told me he tasted this amazing food and wanted to know what I thought. I had already been looking for some quality, readiness, storage food (which is hard to find). One thing led to another and we met at the Thrive Life conference. To my surprise, I was not disappointed.

Well, I am a Plot to Plate Food Educator at Guiding Wellness Institute, Founder of Sustainable Neighbors and an urban farmer:-)  So, as you can see, I am really into healthy eating.  My upline, Debbie Abbott, really listened to my concerns about food quality and she did everything to answer my questions.  The integrity of the company and leadership really impressed me.

It didn't take me long to see how Thrive Life was a perfect fit to go along with my work to educate people about food as medicine and how whole foods can heal.

Because we live in such a BUSY culture, and to eat well takes time, (to shop, prepare, cook and clean up), most people who want to eat healthier end up with no choice but to make less than desirable choices on the fly.  


Thrive Life has championed convenience, eliminated wasted food that goes bad in the fridge and simplified the food preparation process without compromising quality or taste! 

I have never experienced anything as simple as Thrive Life food.  It is a lifesaver, saving us from defaulting to fast empty food-like substances that are making us sick and that our body doesn't recognize as food. Fast, processed foods are fueling our nation's obesity, diabetes, cancer and  auto-immune disorder epidemic.

 Thrive Life gives us absolutely delicious, high nutritional options to easily and quickly feed our families. Real food that is picked at it's peak of ripeness, and its nutrition is locked in with state of the art freeze dried equipment.  

Most people would prefer healthier food options that are doable in their busy lifestyles because eating out is not only unhealthy, but really costly too. I am so excited because now I can take Thrive Life with me when I travel and not be held hostage when "fast food" is the only convenient food option! I live in a "food desert" city where fresh local produce is not that accessible. So Thrive Life also gives me real food security.

My mission is to help as many people as I can who want healthier, easier food options. Simple nutrition that is ready when you are.

Gluten free, vegetarian and organic options!
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