Front Shelf

Front Shelf Front Shelf
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Family Can Front Shelf (Black)
Pantry Can Front Shelf (Black)
Family Can Front Shelf (White)
Pantry Can Front Shelf (White)
Need some serious organization but don’t know where to start? Our Pantry Organizers consolidate your food in a patented can-rotation system you won’t find anywhere else. Designed for the food you love and the pantry that holds it all together, your whole family can have easy access to healthy food anytime they want!

With the front shelf you can more easily store your opened cans in plain view on the front of your Pantry Organizer rows, instead of taking up precious space in your cupboards.

• Easily fits on current Pantry Organizer systems
• Fits multiple cans on one Front Shelf

Pantry Can: 36" x 5"
Family Can: 36” x 9”

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