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Why did I get into Thrive? I needed a solution. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which means I have little stamina and when I do energy-intensive activities, it takes my body a long time to recover. I'm all into finding energy-conserving ways to accomplish necessary day-to-day tasks. After several years of watching beautiful vegetables and fruits dying furry, slimy deaths in my refrigerator because I was too tired to clean and chop them to make meals before they met their demise in the trash, I knew it was time for a change. I had to find some way of incorporating more vegetables into my meals without all the cleaning and chopping.

Cans?  A lot of sodium and kind of mushy. Frozen? Not bad...until they started tasting like the freezer instead of what they were. Dehydrated? Weird texture and I still have to do all the chopping. After pricing a couple of home freeze dryers (which were too expensive and still didn't solve the cleaning and chopping energy-expenditure issue), I discovered Thrive Life. The solution I'd been looking for. Problem solved! Now I can make a healthy, veggie-laden meal in 10 minutes or less--and most of that time is spent resting or doing something else because it magically fixes itself as it rehydrates.