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We joined Thrive life aka Shelf reliance at the beginning of 2013. We joined not to make money but to reap the benefits of Healthy, Delicious, Nutritious, and Cost effective foods.

Once up on a time we had all the food we could eat we were spending $1000 a month on food.

90% of our meals where at home. I had a good paying Job that afforded us this luxury. My wife stayed home with our 6 kids.

We thought we were doing everything right.

As it turns out the food you eat is designed and produced to cause illness in which then you go to a doctor to be prescribed meds for symptoms and not the cause.

Think about that for just a minute!

You go to work, you buy food, you end up in the hospital in which you are prescribed meds you have side effects, you are prescribed more meds to treat the symptoms of the side effect. You end up in the ICU on the verge of death. Your heart stops not once but twice. They revive you only to send you back to your doctor who prescribes more meds. Life goes on right! Now you’re given a walker to use to walk and they want to put you on insulin dependency, you are told by the doctors that you are eligible for disability, but they denied your claim three times. What would you do?


Well I’ll tell you what we did but first you must understand That my wife was beholden to the doctors and did everything they told her. She had doctors’ appointments every month like clockwork.

When she ended up in the ICU that was it for me, I trusted the doctors to make her well. They were not doing it instead they were lining their pockets on every med they prescribed.

When she returned Home from the Hospital My first order from thrive life aka shelf reliance at the time arrived. We read every label of every single product that we had in the house and Threw out everything that had chemicals, artificial ingredients, GMO’s.  The only thing left was Thrive Products.

Yes, we thought the price was high, so we hit the local farmers markets and bought everything we could that was Organic. (Natural is not the same as Organic defined by our gov) And of course we soon found out that Local farmers only had produce for a few seasons and it didn’t last very long and only limited varieties. Which led us to more Thrive Life Products.

In order to get my wife away from the doctors before they kill her I/we agreed to go on a camping trip you know one of those ends of life bucket list things. Little did she know I had no intention of returning. I bought a RV Camp trailer Loaded it with necessities and put all our worldly possessions that we thought we couldn’t live without into storage. Listed all our properties for sale and left the state. 

As she ate healthier her health improved, and we were eventually able to wean her off every single med they had her on. The Walker found its way into the trash and she gets around just like a normal person does. She still must keep a very close eye on her A1C levels in which Thrive Life is a very essential part of her diet.

That is just her story! Thrive Life has also help with Asthma for one of our kids who hasn’t touched an inhaler or nebulizer for over 5 years, but it could be said that it was because we changed locations.

Our two oldest have just recently got married and both of their spouses are showing signs of how dangerous our food system, belief system and reliability on our current health system has become.


We attempted to go 100% Organic at one point, but it was not do able mainly because we are not growers, or not all foods are available in our area for all seasons. Either way Thrive opened a door for us to eat healthier and know it is our turn to offer thrive to you.


by joining my team I vow to help & support, to the best of my ability.

Thank you, Sincerely, The Eldridge Family

p.s. I can wait till you are ready to join there is no pressure or commitment.


















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