In 2010, Thriving Nations was created to serve impoverished families throughout the world. Thriving Nations raises funds to provide malnourished children with specially-formulated foods and to educate struggling communities about efficient farming techniques.

One focus of Thriving Nations is the production and distribution of a nutritious and easily digested porridge known as atmit. Atmit is used to feed malnourished individuals who cannot yet tolerate more substantial meals.

Thriving Nations is partnered with the Benson Institute to spread self-reliance in rural areas through sustainable farming practices. The efforts of Thriving Nations and the Benson Institute will focus on teaching improved agricultural techniques and the implementation of safe, nutritious foods.

According to Jason Budge, Thrive Life co-founder, “This leads to greater self-reliance among the people … This is appealing because it’s very much in line with our ideal of using Thrive Life products to become more self-reliant.  It is not just feeding someone for a day; it’s teaching them to feed themselves and generations to come.”

Five percent of profits from sales of our THRIVE food storage line will be contributed to Thriving Nations.