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That's what I hear everytime someone sees our Harvest Food Rotation System.  We'd purchased our system at Costco during one of their specials a number of years ago.  Later, I purchased some Thrive food items online...just some basics to keep on hand for when I ran out.  I found I really liked the convenience of having things on hand, and they were so easy to use.  Just a handful of this or a scoop of that and my meal was complete.  

     Later, I was looking for a business opportunity and remembered seeing the ad on the Thrive Life (then Shelf Reliance) website.  I researched the company and decided it was a great fit for me.

     I've been a Consultant since November, 2012 and it has been one of the best decisions I've made.  The food, the company, the people - it's all been even better than I first expected!  I love hearing people tell me "Thank you for introducing me to Thrive.  It has changed my life!"  (Yes, they've really said that.)

     I am SUPER excited abouty the future of Thrive Life.  It is providing mealtime solutions for the everyday cook and it is changing lives.  There's no better business to be a part of!



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