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I've been a Thrive Life consultant for over 10 years and I absolutely love my job!  I get to share the best food on the planet and I get to teach people how they can create healthy quick dinners for their family so they have more time to spend around the dinner table.

THRIVE is in a category all by itself.  Delicious, nutritiuous food that happens to have a really long shelf life.  Vine ripened, no GMO food that you can have access to in a snap--for those little emergencies that don't feel so little when you're in them--like no time to cook, sick kiddo's, unexpected company, you name it! Emergencies happen every day.

This is great tasting, nutrient dense food packaged in double lined cans designed to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. The 25 year shelf life comes in handy too!

Are you curious? So were we and we'd be happy to answer questions. We'd also love to share how you can earn FREE groceries.  Ask us how!  We are practically a walking coupon and we're here to help. 

Being prepared for emergecies brings peace of mind.--whether they happen or even if they don't! So create your own home store and get yourself some peace of mind!

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your journey towards that peace of mind ...Peace of mind that comes with being self reliant!


Holly and Mike


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Holly M. Cooley
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Thrive Asparagus outshines them all

June 13, 2015


I’m a pretty deliberate shopper and like to look for the best deals. But not at the expense of quality, right?  Still, occasionally what you think you’re getting doesn’t always end up to be exactly what you expected. This is something that I have known for quite some time.  


I was recently made aware of it again when I decided to use some of my freeze dried asparagus.  See, I LOVE asparagus!  And I love having it readily available for adding to a quiche, or Risotto, or whatever it is that I’m cooking.


I love it so much that one spring I planted 50 asparagus starts!! I was going to have asparagus, dog-gone it!  Well, that turned out to be a popular dining situation for the deer that year...they ate every last bit.  They still think I’m awesome.


I love it so much that I had previously purchased some freeze dried Asparagus.  I had to purchase from a different company because Thrive Life (Formerly Shelf Reliance) didn’t have Asparagus yet. So imagine how excited I was when Thrive Life finally came out with Asparagus in 2013!  It was wonderful! I love how quickly it rehydrates, and it tastes so delicious! And their quality has never once let me down.


Well, the other day I needed to open a can of asparagus and decided I should open a can from the other company to see how the competitor compared to our Thrive Asparagus.


Well, one picture is worth a thousand words as they say...

...and in this case, they are absolutely right.  Have a look for yourself.


I was pretty shocked when I saw the tiny little Asparagus bits from the other company!  


And I mean TINY!  

In fact, I had to go and open up a new can of THRIVE Asparagus just to see if I remembered it correctly!

The size is not the only disapointment--the taste is somewhat lacking as well in case you are wondering.

So now the only thing I need to do is to figure out how to hurry and use up this other brand so I can get back to enjoying THRIVE!

ALSO, I need to remember not to be so impatient next time...

Just so you know, last year I was successfully able to start about a dozen Asparagus plants in my garden.  I protected them from the deer and they came up this spring, so, hopefully we will be able to harvest a decent crop early next Spring.

But until then...

Thrive Life continues to deliver all my favorite farm fresh,delicious,  non GMO foods, right to my door.  It can’t get any more convenient than that.


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